Green Construction at Xavier

Hoff Quad moves campus into 21st century

Apr 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Going green has reached new heights at Xavier University. Among the environmentally friendly projects currently underway, one in particular has taken over Hoff Quad.

A new facility for the Williams College of Business and a state-of-the-art Conaton Learning Commons are being built with green construction features, providing Xavier students, faculty members, staff, alumni and business executives with 170,000 square feet of additional academic space.

Not only will the new buildings be energy-efficient, but Xavier is also working on a central utility plant to serve both buildings as well as a retention pond for catching runoff rain water from the rooftops to help maintain campus plant life. The construction uses more than 36 tons of recycled materials from the previous structures on Xavier Square, the nearby Zumbiel Packaging facility and surrounding homes that were demolished to make way for the new campus additions.

“Xavier is trying to update its campus through green construction,” university spokesperson Laurel Bauer says, “and give the 21st century student what they need to experience a successful career at Xavier.”

Hoff Quad construction is scheduled to be completed in August.
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