Guest Commentary: Messy Massie Still Mad About Vaccine Mandates, as Hospitals in Boone, Kenton Counties Are Above Capacity

"Reminder to those asking for a meeting in my office: If your organization has a vaccine mandate, your request will be denied," Massie tweeted on Dec. 13.

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Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie said he won’t meet with anyone in his office if their “organization has a vaccine mandate.” He turned down the Army Corp of Engineers.

The logic doesn’t track for us either, but here’s his tweet:

Several hospitals in counties fully or partially covered by Massie’s District 4 are beyond hospital capacity, including hospitals in Boone, Boyd, Campbell and Kenton counties, according to the Courier Journal’s COVID Hospitalization Database. There are also high hospitalization rates in Jefferson County where the far east end of the county falls within his district.

The entire United States is experiencing a "tripledemic" with the combination of flu, RSV, COVID and other serious illnesses. These have also taken hold in Kentucky much like the rest of the nation.

If anything, the lack of mandates has allowed these illnesses to proliferate.

But Kentuckians continue to elect Thomas Massies and Rand Pauls, to our peril.

Is it worth meeting with Massie, who has flagrantly ignored health data and safety protocols throughout the pandemic? Probably not.

His constituents will surely continue to suffer as he makes irresponsible comments that completely contradict what actual science says.

This story originally was published by CityBeat sister newspaper LEO Weekly.

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