Road to Wellness

It's 2005, time to develop a new consciousness. If you've read all the self-help books and still feel something is missing, it might be time to try a new direction: inward. What if your answers do truly lie within?

Sophia Paparodis has spent years searching for that place "within" and has developed a road map or guide to this elusive destination. She says we all have the ability to shift consciousness — we do this whenever we get lost in an activity, forgetting about time and our problems (being in the zone). That shift allows us to transcend our ordinary state of mind and reminds us that we can experience non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The ability to make this shift in consciousness at will can be developed and channeled to help us live a more peaceful and satisfying life. When we leave behind our fearful self and connect to a larger consciousness — the collective unconscious or Spirit — answers come more easily.

Paparodis, now an intuitive counselor, says that in her twenties she learned to meditate to slow down her very busy mind and life. "I was a human doing, not a human being," she says.

In her thirties she learned how to use the power of intention and the mind/body relationship to help her heal from knee surgeries.

As a professional counselor, she's developed an intuitive style. Paparodis uses the combination of the intention to be of service and the activation of the heart chakra to intuitively guide clients to their own answers and solutions.

If you're wondering how you'd go about learning to use your intuition to live a better life, Paparodis suggests that you first slow down your thinking, then learn to focus your thoughts. Energy follows thought. Once you learn to focus your mind, you can begin to let go and listen to the wisdom or guidance that's always available when not drowned out by unimportant or habitual thoughts.

Once you develop a pathway within to this calm center, you can know your truth. Then it's just a matter of trusting what you receive.

We're so used to valuing what others say and think that we don't easily trust what comes intuitively. Over time, we can learn to trust our guidance and experience the kind of peace and satisfaction living our truth can produce.

If you would like to develop your intuition, Paparodis will be offering a class beginning Jan. 22 called "Guide-Dance." For more information, call 513-787-3330.

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