Healing with Forgiveness

Road to Wellness

Several weeks ago, Colin Tipping was in town to present a workshop entitled "Radical Forgiveness." The purpose of his workshops is to each people to "reframe the past, transform one's self and create a new future."

Traditional forgiveness is based on the idea of letting bygones be bygones, Tipping says, yet deep down the belief remains that something bad happened. "The more you were hurt, the more you feel the need to condemn and seek revenge. Time and therapy can help, but true forgiveness remains elusive, and worse, may never heal."

Radical forgiveness is a process that begins from a spiritual standpoint where nothing wrong happened. This shift in consciousness enables us to be open to the idea that there's perfection in every situation, even the most unpleasant occurrences or memories. When we allow ourselves to be open to this idea, Tipping says, we're released from the victim archetype and healed at depth. In releasing all core belief stories and self-destructive patterns that may have kept you from joy and stolen your life, you can begin to reshape your life into one of health, happiness and abundance.

Some core beliefs are:

· If it weren't for my parents, I would be whole.

· As an abused child, I will always be damaged.

· _________is responsible for my unhappiness.

· I will never be enough.

· I don't deserve to be loved/be successful/be prosperous, etc.

Some self-destructive behaviors are:

· Addictions

· Putting others needs before one's own.

· Creating drama

· Living below one's potential

Tipping presents these abstract ideas in a way that's simple, meaningful to each individual's situation and practical. Find out more about his ideas at www.radicalforgiveness.com. ©

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