Hell Freezes over as Tucker Carlson Says Something Not-Awful about Cincinnati, Democrats

Cincinnati native David Tafuri appeared on Fox News and gave the Queen City a shoutout — and Tucker Carlson agreed with it!

Mar 4, 2021 at 10:05 am
click to enlarge Hell Freezes over as Tucker Carlson Says Something Not-Awful about Cincinnati, Democrats
Photo: YouTube screengrab

FOX News opinion-show host Tucker Carlson isn’t known for agreeing with guests who hail from the political party that his network seems to abhor.

But it happened March 1 when attorney and Cincinnati native David Tafuri, who is a Democrat, brought up the Queen City after a discussion about foreign policy on Carlson's show "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

And we still are reeling from Carlson conceding a point.

The opportunity came as Tafuri, a former state department official who frequently makes the cable news rounds, argued that the United States can respond to threats in Syria and Iraq while also improving life at home. 

Carlson, meanwhile, wanted the country to focus solely on China, which is the only country “that can make my family obey.”

Tafuri began refuting Carlson’s claim when the longtime FOX host interrupted him around the 5:46 mark.

“We can’t fix Baltimore! Washington, D.C. is filled with homeless people and garbage on the streets. We’re not good at fixing stuff, so actually, we don’t have the bandwidth to fix the world,” Carlson said. “And by the way, can you name one city in the United States the Democratic Party — I don’t want to be partisan or anything, I’m just being honest. This is a war cheered on by Democrats. Name one city in the United States they’ve improved. Just one. Go ahead. I’ll wait.”

A smile spread across Tafuri’s face as he realized he could give the Queen City a shoutout while winning the question.

“My hometown, Cincinnati. It’s run by Democrats,” said Tafuri, who had graduated from Sycamore High School.

Carlson made his usual perpetually confused face and was quiet for a moment before responding.

“Huh. It’s a pretty nice town, I gotta say. Ok, I’ll give you Cincinnati,” Carlson finally said before laughing. “I can’t think of any others! No, you’re absolutely right, that is a nice city — not a very left-wing city.”

And then Carlson returned to talking his usual smack about Democrats.

Watch a clip of the exchange below on Twitter or see the full segment on YouTube.