Help Heal the World

Road to Wellness

Sep 12, 2002 at 2:06 pm

The events of Sept. 11 left some very deep wounds in our collective spirit, including the feelings of helplessness, anger, revenge and depression. Most of us have been taught there's no winning with revenge and anger. Yet how do we move forward? What can I do to help heal the world?

It can all feel so overwhelming. But there are some ways for each of us to bring about change in the collective conscious ofour world.

On Sept. 21 the United Nations, in cooperation with Pathways to Peace, is holding the 20th Annual International Day of Peace, which is recognized throughout the world as a coming together to stop the violence and war.How can you participate?

· Join people throughout the world in a minute of silence at noon on Sept. 21 (or every day).

· Ring a bell or light a candle for peace. Burn a light in your window year round.

· Recognize this time in your churches, synagogues, temples and schools.

· Plant a peace pole or have a world peace flag ceremony (

· Use universal invocations/prayers such as "May Peace Prevail on Earth" (

· Incorporate prayer and meditation into your plans. Join the global International Day of Peace vigil (

· Promote the day as one dedicated to nonviolence and global cease-fire (

· Be kind and compassionate in all your relationships. Peace begins in our own home.

· Let Pathways to Peace know your plans (e-mail [email protected]).

· Believe that you can make a difference, no matter how small. ©