Here Is Where You Can Get a COVID-19 Test in Hamilton County

Hamilton County Public Health has created a list of coronavirus testing locations, along with whether or not an appointment or doctor's referral is needed

Jun 19, 2020 at 2:47 pm
click to enlarge CVS drive-thru testing - Photo: Provided by CVS
Photo: Provided by CVS
CVS drive-thru testing

During a COVID-19 press briefing on Thursday, June 18, Gov. Mike DeWine said that several counties in Southwest Ohio were experiencing a "worrisome" uptick in COVID-19 cases. And he's recommending people in those counties, specifically in concentrated hot spots, get a coronavirus test.

“What we have been seeing is statewide a downward trend,” said DeWine. “But the exception of that is Southwest Ohio.”

Those five affected counties are Hamilton County, Warren County, Montgomery County, Greene County and Clark County.

DeWine broke down the numbers by Zip Code in each county to show specific hot spots.

In Hamilton County, those zip codes are 4523, 45240 and 45238. In Warren County, those Zip Codes are 45036 and 45040.

“We’re in a new phase now. We’re at a phase where to be aggressive, we have to test more," said DeWine. "And we now have the capability of testing more — that capacity continues to go up — so we now can test anybody. Anybody who wants a test. Particularly if you live in one of these zip codes, we would ask you to get a test.”

Ohio will be offering additional pop-up testing sites throughout the state, DeWine said specifically in those areas with hot spots. You can see current Ohio-wide testing locations at

And Hamilton County Public Health has its own comprehensive list of testing locations, along with whether or not an appointment or doctor's referral is needed.

View the list on a map here.

Here it is in list form (from the Hamilton County Public Health website):

AccuDoc Urgent Care

620 Ring Road, Harrison, OH  45030 // 513-845-4558,

9a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday; 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday-Sunday; closed holidays

No appointment needed. No doctor’s prescription or order needed.

Care First Urgent Care Centers

Must meet specific symptom requirements. Flu and Strep tests will be done first, before COVID-19 test.

All sites open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. daily.

No appointment needed. No doctor’s prescription or order needed.

  • Beechmont Urgent Care: 730 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230 // 513-232-9100
  • Hyde Park Urgent Care (FKA American Family Care): 3802 Paxton Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45209 // 513-376-9354
  • Norwood Urgent Care: 4406 Montgomery Road, incinnati, OH  45212 // 513-376-7116
  • Bridgetown Urgent Care: 5505 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45248 // 513-832-0980
  • Kenwood Urgent Care: 7200 Blue Ash Road, Deer Park, OH  45236 // 513-975-0377
  • Winton Road Urgent Care: 8464 Winton Road, Cincinnati, OH  45231 // 513-975-1002
  • Delhi Urgent Care: 4900 Delhi Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45238 // 513-834-9320
  • Loveland Urgent Care (FKA Tristate Urgent Care):10582 Loveland Madeira Road, Loveland, OH  45140 // 513-677-2400 

CVS Health

Self-swab tests will be available to individuals meeting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria, in addition to state and age guidelines. Patients must register in advance at beginning May 29 to schedule an appointment.

Patients will be required to stay in their cars and will be directed to the pharmacy drive-thru window, where they will be provided with a test kit and given instructions, and a CVS employee will observe the self-swab process to ensure it is done properly. Tests will be sent to an independent, third-party lab for processing and the results will be available in approximately three days. Testing will not take place inside any retail location.

Here are locations of the CVS Pharmacy tests sites in Greater Cincinnati:

  • CVS Pharmacy: 8372 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45216
  • CVS Pharmacy: 5813 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239
  • CVS Pharmacy: 1115 High St., Hamilton, OH 45011
  • CVS Pharmacy: 710 North Main St., Springboro, OH 45066

Kroger Little Clinics

Complete a screening/assessment online at or via telephone at 1-888-TEST-TLC (888-837-8852).

If the assessment determines the need for a test, you will be prompted to choose a clinic site near you and set up an appointment. 

Medical Urgent Care

Call from your vehicle before entering the clinic.  An assessment will be taken over the phone and then a physician will come to your car to administer the test.

3006 Glenmore Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45211 // 513-661-0555

Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. daily.

No appointment needed. No doctor’s prescription or order needed.

Mercy Health Flu Clinics

Mercy Health COVID-19 Hotline 1-888-700-9011;

All sites open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

No appointment needed. No doctor’s prescription or order needed. All visits will be billed through insurance.

  • Bond Hill: 1701 Mercy Health Place, Cincinnati, OH  45237 // 513-952-5934
  • The Jewish Hospital Outpatient Clinic: 4777 E. Gailbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH  45236 // 513-686-3358
  • Forest Hills Family Medicine: 8094 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45255 // 513-232-7100
  • Mercy West Sleep Center: 3310 Mercy Health Blvd., Cincinnati, OH  45211 // 513-389-5540


If you do not have a physician, you can visit the closest TriHealth Emergency Department for evaluation. If you meet clinical criteria, COVID-19 testing can occur onsite. For those who DO have a primary care physician, you should contact your doctor’s office for referral to a drive-through assessment location.

Doctor’s orders required (See note above).

  • Bethesda North Hospital: 1500 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH  45242 // 513-865-1112
  • Good Samaritan Hospital: 375 Dixmyth Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45220 // 513-862-1400
  • Anderson: 7810 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH  45223 // 513-569-1900 (drive-thru)
  • Glenway: 6350 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45211 // 513-865-1112 (drive-thru)
  • Good Samaritan Western Ridge: 6949 Good Samaritan Drive, Cincinnati, OH  45247 // 513-246-9800
  • University Station: 1775 Lexington Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45212 // 513-246-8000 (drive-thru) 

Tristate Urgent Care – Oakley

5002 Ridge Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45209 // 513-531-1505;

9 a.m.-8 p.m. daily  

University of Cincinnati – Clifton Campus

If you do not have a primary care physician, you must obtain a referral from your local health department or call 513-475-8001 to schedule as a new patient and obtain a primary care physician.

3120 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45229 // 513-475-8000

8-8 p.m. Monday – Friday

Appointment Required. Doctor’s Order Required.