Here's to Full Disclosure

As advocated by Caleb Faux in a Letter to the Editor ("Don't Forget the State Elections, issue of Aug. 30), CityBeat gave coverage to the 28th District Ohio House race between incumbent Jim Raussen

As advocated by Caleb Faux in a Letter to the Editor ("Don't Forget the State Elections, issue of Aug. 30), CityBeat gave coverage to the 28th District Ohio House race between incumbent Jim Raussen and challenger Connie Pillich ("Close Race in the Northern Burbs," issue of Oct. 18). Unfortunately, like Faux, CityBeat apparently had a bias, in this reader's opinion.

Faux, a valuable and productive member of the Cincinnati Planning Commission, wrote his letter to CityBeat without identifying himself as Pillich's campaign manager. Forgetting his personal ethical obligation for full disclosure, didn't CityBeat readers deserve to know that Faux had an agenda when reading his letter?

Regarding the recent article, wouldn't progressives of all stripes want to know that Raussen voted against the Taft-Householder budget of 2003 and was then subsequently punished by losing a committee seat? Especially in light of Pillich's attempt to lump Raussen as a rubber stamp for the GOP? Beyond that obvious oversight of Raussen's documented character and devoting two-thirds of the article to Pillich, why not at least include a photo of Raussen?

Raussen has shown himself to be a productive, common sense conservative voice for his district. Pillich, with Faux ass her campaign manager, has run a fearful campaign void of specifics, solutions and substance. Even on issues where there are clear, documented differences between the candidates like abortion, Pillich is MIA to the district's voters.

Elections are the celebration of our democratic republic, an opportunity to discuss real issues with real solutions. Leaders do just that; politicians just play little silly games that tire so many voters.

In keeping with full disclosure, Raussen is married to my cousin, Tara, and I'm one of his campaign co-chairs. The truth can be liberating.

— Robert C. Dehner, Clifton Heights

Don't Elect Another Republican
A recent CityBeat article described Dale Mallory's treacherous wheeling and dealing behind the backs of the community organization he represented ("Dale's Deals," issue of Oct. 11). It's not a very good indication of what we might expect when he's elected state representative in the 32nd District.

So, after receiving several postcards from Kim Hale in which she states she's a "progressive" but leaves out her Republican affiliation, I decided to check out her positions on important state issues. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to find.

Hale supports getting tough on crime in the city and the sales tax for a new city jail. Neither, however, is an issue a state rep will be voting on. The only legislative issue she describes is school vouchers, which she supports. She flaunts her endorsements by Sheriff Simon Lies and the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police — and she describes herself as a progressive? What planet does she live on?

Does Hale not have any positions on the issues that drive the Republican legislature in Columbus? Where does she stand on gerrymandering legislative districts to ensure GOP dominance? Reducing workers' compensation benefits for injured workers? Under-funding urban school districts? Stealing the votes of the urban poor? Ignoring health care needs for the working poor?

Most people in the 32nd District would like to see action on these issues. Do you think Hale would represent us or her Republican handlers?

I don't know if I can pull the lever for Dale Mallory, but I won't help to put another Republican in the state legislature. This year we have a chance to upset the one-party system in Ohio and Washington that's wreaked havoc on our lives. Given Mallory's legal problems, I suspect he won't be in Columbus long. And then a Democrat can be appointed to him. And if that doesn't happen, I will work to get a progressive Democrat elected in 2008.

I don't like this scenario, but electing a Republican to represent our district is just another stupid idea.

— Jim Albers, Northside

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