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To Build or Not to Build

Juliet: Romeo, oh Romeo When will thou cease this needless suffering? Does not thy evening end in savage misery having alighted to and dismounted from my balcony in dark and gloom of night? Does not this nocturnal pageantry weigh heavy on thy heart, thy loins burning in agony as the mind searches for a more quixotic way to reach the essence of my soul? Then this bestial act that strains the depths of my love's climb, his rakish and uninhibited affections for I not diminished?

When will thou do as oft we have talked whilst wooing, pitch thy shovel moving tree and earth and vine and build from rock and ash a patio and stair for thou to ascend, to reach my heart and thus bring an end to thy misery and needless wretched woe? Oh, when Romeo? When?

Romeo: Would that I not do as my love request, for it is within me! The will, the strength, the desire burns strong to ease my quest as I journey and contort in painful agony ascending to thy sanctus sanctorum. Oh my sweet Juliet! Save me from my anguished thoughts for I know not what to do!

To build or not to build — that is the question. Tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of this mountainous climb or to gather arms with stone and mortar against this sea of land opposed and make an end. Dare I build a staircase leading me to enjoin and recapture my wanting heart? Oh, my sweet love, would that it be so simple!

For to do as my aching legs ask requires so much more as well. Ground to be cleared and gardens moved, foundations to be dug and flooring set. Plans to be drawn and techniques of design and construction employed, not knowing when first this abode took shape. If only I could know that the character of this dream once shaped would blend and match with the current form.

I beg of thee, do not consider my thoughts those of an insane fool, for I worry so of the effects on value once we depart this peaceful camp. Allow me to question the merit of these additions and compare them. To ascertain what added value, if any, they might hold once complete.

Do they fit in, complimenting the surrounding Italianates, thus making worthy in return the value of this immodest investment? Or should the tone be more subdued with statements more minor in key, assuaging any fears and remorse having done so completely and thoroughly when the time comes to sell?

Would that anyone want such magnificence but you and me? Gathering a labyrinth of web and dust awaiting occupancy by those whose further dreams have yet to be dreamed.

My love, I take my leave now to study and contemplate the merits of my heart's quest. I shall talk with those experts who deal in this realm — the Realtors, architects and builders — and from their wisdom I will learn, perchance to our chagrin, what will be best is less and that our tastes and desires will be satiated well in another time and another place.

THIS WEEK'S TIP: Alternative Ways to Finance a Home, Part 2
Seller financing involves an agreement from the seller to take back part of the mortgage amount as a promissory note. The buyer might make monthly payments directly to the seller rather than to a lender. A benefit of seller financing is that buyers don't have to pay points and, thus, are able to cut closing costs.

Equity sharing involves a negotiated joint ownership of real estate by two or more parties, with one party occupying the property as his principal residence. With equity sharing, one party can make the down payment and/or closing costs and the other make the monthly mortgage payments. Or both can do the downpayment and the monthly payments can be shared, in equal or unequal amounts.

Home Work is a weekly column geared toward residential real estate.

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