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Happy Half Christmas, everybody! Celebrate this midpoint to the holiday season in true Workaholics fashion: Throw a HoneyBaked Ham on the grill, tap the keg-nog and if you’re lucky enough to not be in a cubicle today, check out Comedy Central’s Half Christmas programing. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation kicks things off this morning and the fun continues through 9 p.m. with the Half Christmas Workaholics episode, “The Strike.” Let’s get weird!

If that’s not enough to make you stop whining about Mondays, here are 20 Soul-Crushing Summer Jobs from Pop Culture. Remember, things could always be worse.

There’s always money in the banana stand!

Meanwhile, in Sweden, a different citizen has been manning the country’s official Twitter account each week for the past few months. If you peep @sweden, you’ll find this week’s guest tweeter is a boring football player who pretty much uses Twitter as instant messenger, but it could be worse. Like when this chick took over.

A 27-year-old single mom named Sonja Abrahamsson got the account lots of publicity recently with her politically incorrect “humor,” odd photos and comments about her kids. Mashable highlights her prime tweets, the best of which being this video (which she posted without comment).

Apparently people can’t get enough of Shia LeBeouf naked, I mean Sigur Rós’ new video.

Another day, another video of a young Ryan Gosling bustin’ sweet moves. (Late-in-the-game side note: Crazy, Stupid, Love., featuring a really well-groomed Gosling, is actually really good.) From feminist blogs to news stories about his dreamy ways, the Internet loves some Ryan Gosling. Of all the options, my favorite is this clip from Mickey Mouse Club (co-starring Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC’s JC Chasez) featuring a young, baggy-panted RG making pre-teen hearts melt on stage. Shit gets real at 1:43.

Waiting for Game of Thrones to return is tough, but thankfully the makers of the HBO hit are keeping the show in the news: In a very intense scene of the first season, the camera cuts to a row of dudes’ heads on stakes. Turns out one of ‘em was Dubya’s. They’re sorry.

Travel + Leisure named OTR’s Neons Unplugged as one of America’s 30 Best Outdoor Bars!

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