I'm Buying A Lottery Ticket (or Going to a Parade)

Nov 10, 2008 at 4:22 pm

A while back, a wrote a bit about my experience with "musical ESP." Has it happened to you? You think of a random song, something you haven't heard in years or that would be unlikely to just pop up on the radio, and suddenly it materializes on your radio dial or TV? The experience happens frequently to me. The one that inspired me to write was pretty freaky — out of the blue, I was singing a song by Cincinnat's Bad Veins. Within a half hour, the song came on my Sirius radio (not something to happen to unsigned Cincinnati bands regularly). —-

If I believed in ESP or the spiritual world or any of that fairly-tale stuff (or if I was certifiably insane), I'd probably be a little more freaked out, thinking that it was God talking to me or at least that my "energy" was in line with the purple moon of Saturn or something. But I usually just joke that I should buy a lottery ticket. And then I never to do.

Today, as I was putting together the CityBeat music section for this week, a similar thing happened. One story fell off (why the hell wouldn't the members of The Sisters of Mercy be more than eager talk to anyone in the press?) and I picked up another from a regular freelancer. The story I picked up was about the young Emo band, Mayday Parade. As I was editing, I suddenly realized that the other national-act feature in the paper this week is on … Wolf Parade.

That alone had me chuckling to myself, doing the old lottery-ticket shuffle. Then, when I got into the office and was re-reading the third feature for this week — on local band The Turnbull AC's — I had another weird shock. The name of the album the band is releasing this coming week? Small TownPARADE!

I will be buying that lottery ticket today*. And if anyone wants to pay my way to Vegas this weekend (and give me lots of gambling money), I'm totally free.

Anyone else have stories like this? Or am I a freak of nature? Or both?

* Probably not