I’m Goin’ Down

This will neither take long nor take a lengthy explanation. Thank God idiots — namely, men, in this case — are idiots of the highest order who make their idiocy abundantly clear.

Mar 23, 2016 at 9:55 am

This will neither take long nor take a lengthy explanation.

Thank God idiots — namely, men, in this case — are idiots of the highest order who make their idiocy abundantly clear.

And it’s rarefied air, this idiot air they  inhale and exhale with their idiot mouths.

If you have paid any attention at all lately, you will have noticed women under extreme attack.

This is officially and has long been a nation of women-hating men. I am not “outing” anyone’s sexuality. Hatred is seldom directed outwardly, but inwardly at the Self we secretly hate but cannot destroy as easily with out perceived power.

So American men have reverted to treating American women like the arm candy of yore: back to pornography we go, silent, sexualized and otherwise useless as though our heads are perpetually empty and we are merely to be talked over or down to in conversation.

CBS This Morning co-anchor Norah O’Donnell recently dressed down GOP Chairman Reince Priebus for not reigning in Republican candidate Donald Trump’s “obsessive” behavior, relentless verbal attacks and heartless name-calling of Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly (names I will not repeat here). I have a hard enough time typing or speaking Trump’s name as it is.

When Priebus started dancing around the question and talking about how fun the GOP convention was going to be and how his job was centered on taking care of the American people and seeing to it that his party was unified, O’Donnell took a cue from the boys and jumped in and talked all over Priebus.

She out-talked him, saying they ask the same questions of all party leaders and why won’t you answer my question?

Flustered and embarrassed, he finally did, but the end game was clear: He, like everyone else who must do business with Trump, is utterly afraid of him and they’re all holding their collective breath until this moment — and Trump — goes away.

What was intriguing about that exchange is that southern savant and thick-tongued co-anchor Charlie Rose was off that day and he has a terrible habit of restating and reiterating what O’Donnell meant to guests after she makes a point or asks a question. So now, she has to add to her anchor duties that great skill of clapping back to Rose on national TV to make it clear she said what she meant and vice versa.

Now the misogynists in professional sports are rearing their big idiot heads.

Former Indian Wells tennis tournament director Raymond Moore made the news when, at a press conference, he said players within the Women’ Tennis Association (WTA) should get on their knees every night and thank God superstar male players like Roger Federer have shined their mighty and bright lights of superstardom down on the sport.

Men, he said, are carrying professional tennis on their shoulders. (He later resigned after backlash over his comments.)

I like the way he thought he was being clever with his felatio reference because it is every man’s dream to get a blow job from a high-fallutin’ woman.

Of course, tennis superstar Serena Williams, looking beleaguered and aggravated, mumbles a response to Moore’s comments.

I am certain as sure as I am also black that Serena Williams is so sick of answering to racists, haters across the net from her, woman haters and anyone else who wants to give her and what she represents short shrift.

She has become an unofficial spokeswoman.

She may have looked so damned tired from hours in the sun she’d spent practicing and being otherwise excellent.

Tired’s fine.

But where is the outrage?

Is it that we already have too much on our pink lady plates?

There are, after all, suicide bombers all over Europe, some here now; we have to raise our children; some of us have to also raise our men; we have to get out there and work, catching all that veiled vitriol in all those meetings and team assignments and the smallness of grunt work.

By the time society adds bone-rattling poverty, social service systems that have not kept up but do more to weed out, and we get jacked up on substandard educations and therefore pay equality, standing up for ourselves is an afterthought, if a thought at all.

It is no wonder so many women just take it and take it so hard. It is sometimes easier to just give up all the high and mighty intellectual crap, let folks — men — think what they will and keep it moving.

It is no wonder so many of us barely exist and barely breath and can only handle overly simplistic lives that do not require so much self-esteem.

Self-esteem requires too much insular thinking, so much explaining.

Mofos wanna know who you think you are; they make it their business to take you down a peg and to talk over you, stealing a little bit of your soul each time they shut you up and down.

Then you walk away from those situations feeling insane and paranoid, which is what the idiots — yaasss, it all circles back to them — want from you and us.

They want us not out of the game or even on the bench.

They want us at home or somewhere else, self-doubting, second-guessing, self-sabotaging.

And may God help and bless you if you are a black woman mired in this morass because of the bullshit of a cultural geography that is founded on only the church as the center for self-help.

You will not seek professional help.

No therapy.

Only happy hours at “the club.” Jamaican vacations during which you and your girlfriends will swear you’re really traveling abroad and purses with a lot of initials like LV, MK, GG, but you will start middle class with Coach and work your way up.

At least, Bag Lady, you will have something to carry all your crap in.

Meantime, all those idiots are getting away with verbal murder. It may be time to go a little bit crazy against these men.

They all think we are on our periods when we start acting “difficult,” anyway.

May as well let it bleed.

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