IFC hears the rally cry of 'Go Tigers'

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Here are a few programs to look out for in the upcoming week ...

WEDNESDAY 8 P.M. Go Tigers, IFC. This documentary film follows young athletes in Massillon, Ohio, as they face uncertain futures during the 1999 football season. Massillon, by the way, is where the great Paul Brown got his start coaching football.

SATURDAY 8 P.M. 50 Greatest Movie Animals, Animal Planet. They've made us laugh and have brought us to tears: They're the 50 greatest animal movies of all time. Hosted by actor, television personality and alleged date-rapist Mario Lopez, this Animal Planet event features a terrifying T-Rex, a few fickle felines and plenty of monkey business.

SUNDAY 8 P.M. What's New in Vegas? Travel Channel. Not much, since this is a repeat, but there's always one or two things added to the Meadows in a year's time.

In the ongoing effort to maintain its place as one of the world's top travel destinations, Las Vegas is an ever-changing city, after all. Go in search of the latest and greatest, from celebrity hotel suites to slot machines. At least I didn't say "Vegas baby!"

TUESDAY 9 P.M. Billy The Kid Unmasked, Discovery. Legend tells us that in 1881 Sheriff Pat Garrett shot and killed William Bonney (aka "Billy the Kid"), a young man wanted for committing one murder for every year of his life. But America's most famous criminal left behind more folk tales than facts, including the question of whether he was killed at all. Armed with the latest forensic evidence, a team of experts is reopening the case, revealing new twists to this legendary story. Bobby Brady will be watching with rapt interest.

TUESDAY 9:30 P.M. Crash Test, Spike TV. Posing as invited guests, party crashers infiltrate and conquer to win the title of "Ultimate Party Crasher." No event is off limits: weddings, conventions, even family and high school reunions. Once inside, the crashers — equipped with hidden cameras — compete to earn points by performing a list of feats. Those who get busted are eliminated. And you thought they were out of ideas. Well, they're out of good ones.

NEWS & NOTES: The late, great cult TV series Roswell is out on DVD. Season One just hit the streets last week. In an interesting twist, most of the music has to be changed due to cost concerns over publishing rights and fees. I'm not sure I would have noticed, but series creator Jason Katims anguished over the issue. The extras are so-so — the obligatory (but almost mandatory for true Roswell fans) commentary, a deleted scene from the pilot and a couple of serviceable mini-documentaries. But who needs extras? You get the episodes un-cut and uninterrupted. Highly recommended. ... OK, OK, it's out of this world.

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