Ionic Hydrotherapy

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Mar 29, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Ionic Hydrotherapy, which is performed using an Aqua Chi machine, is a relatively new service in the Midwest. During a session, clients place their feet into a warm footbath attached to the machine. An electric charge runs through the water and creates ions, translating into energy/fuel for the body. The session lasts anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes, and during that time the water in the footbath gets very murky.

The water changes colors due to the chemical reaction taking place when combining electricity, water and millions of trace elements (along with whatever else is "inhabiting" our feet). This painless and non-invasive session boosts the operation of every single cell in the body for about a week.

According to Steve Walker, the Australian-born inventor of the Aqua Chi machine, "It's really, really simple. It generates a charge in the water that is very similar to the charge in the body. Because it can do this, the body absorbs the electrical charge and it ends up on our body's cell walls. Each cell wall has a unique voltage which correlates directly to the health of the cell."

The higher the cell's voltage, the faster it can split and regenerate itself, Walker explains — which translates into faster healing.

If we can make each cell work at a more effective and efficient level, that leaves us feeling better and stronger and we truly become healthier. To illustrate, Walker likes to give the example of the body's detoxifying capability.

"Let's look at one specific group of cells, those that create the kidney," he says. "The kidney in itself uses electrolysis (a voltage) to separate waste material from the bloodstream using an electrical charge. The kidney, being electrical in the first place, becomes more effective in removing the waste products of the body. Thus, the detox capabilities increase via the body's natural systems."

And it's not only the kidneys that are affected positively with Ionic Hydrotherapy — our heart also pumps cleaner, the lungs expand better, the digestive system runs more smoothly, etc.

Walker recommends a session once a week, as "it is a maintenance and prevention tool." For more information or to schedule a session, call Adrienne Davidson, owner/operator of Mantra Wellness Center, 4677 Cooper Road, Blue Ash, 513-891-1324; or go to

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