Is Vick to Eagles Good For Philly?

Aug 14, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Upon hearing that the Eagles signed Michael Vick, I thought a few different things. Then I tried to put a filter on those thoughts, since I’m a Giants fan and might just think things because I've never liked the Eagles and never will.

Despite this, Donovan McNabb is one of those Derek Jeter types: a solid leader both off and on the field who still seems to be as much of a student of the game as he was during his first few years in the league. Even though you may hate the team he plays for, it is done begrudgingly because you know that the McNabbs and Jeters are the best of the best.—-

Hating Tony Romo is easy. He is lauded constantly yet hasn't won a playoff game. McNabb has thrived (five NFC Championship games, one Super Bowl appearance, tons of other accolades) in a city that has booed Santa Claus (and less forgiveably) Mike Schmidt.

Media reports have quoted McNabb as being more than willing to accept Vick's signing and have noted that McNabb lobbied Vick to sign with the Eagles.

Not sure how to interpret that, given the McNabb has already been through a few years of telling members of the media that he and Terrell Owens were cool while deep inside he must have wanted to put him in the trunk of a car and drive it off the side of a very high cliff.

The Eagles did the right thing by restructuring McNabb's contract and giving him a big raise. Somehow that seems sort of counteracted by bringing in a very high-profile former overall No. 1 draft pick to stand in the shadows.

People will talk about crazy formations and what the Eagles would be able to do with both on the blah blah blah, but I think McNabb would perform better if he was allowed to keep doing what he has done … and not be asked to incorporate a Wildcat offense or offshoot thereof.

Michael Vick got caught committing a crime, did time for it and is entitled to pursue a living. That's how the American legal system works. It doesn't matter if you do time for trampling rose bushes or electrocuting puppies: Once you’ve done your time and met post-release conditions, you are free again.

Philadelphia's quarterback depth chart is pretty crowded now. Behind McNabb sit veteran and adequate backup A.J. Feeley, young Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick.

Instead of doing whatever Arizona wanted to pry Anquan Boldin loose, the Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles organization has often times given McNabb less than awesome receivers to work with ... like Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell.

I just fail to see how this makes the Eagles better. Cut Feeley and make Kolb and Vick the backups? Now McNabb is one three-interception game away from getting booed and hearing "We Want Vick" chants from the seats.

I never thought Vick was a great NFL quarterback. College? Yes. For all the highlight escapes and thrilling plays that ESPN played for you, there were an equal amount of inaccurate passes, impatience and unwillingness to run an offense.

Maybe I'm wrong, and this will work out for the Eagles. Somehow I think I'm right: This transaction will go down in history in a fashion that will mirror Terrell Owens' stint in Philly.