It's true. I can make a mistake.

LCT was responsible for poorly organized event

The League of Cincinnati Theatres can't seem to fill up a room.
The League of Cincinnati Theatres can't seem to fill up a room.

Mea culpa. In a recent post, I suggested I was disheartened by the lack of attendance at the “Meet the Artistic Directors” event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Oct. 2 — six artistic directors, moderated by the Enquirer’s Jackie Demaline, with three people in the audience, each with some connection to the speakers. Pretty sad. I mistakenly assumed that Demaline organized this event as she has for several years; given her parting of ways with the League of Cincinnati Theatres, I had offered to step in if needed, but was never contacted. So I drew the conclusion that she had returned to her past role.

I was wrong.

A representative of LCT wrote this to me today: “The ‘Meet the Artistic Directors’ was entirely an LCT event. Jackie had nothing to do with it, other than to be asked to moderate. The fault lies with LCT, not Jackie or the Enquirer. Cathy Springfield led the LCT board to think it was all taken care of, when it actually was not.” I apologize to Demaline for jumping to this conclusion. It’s evident that she was not the organizer. In fact, it appears the event had no organizer.

The larger point of my blog post that LCT appears to be in disarray is underscored by this confusion. But let’s point the blame in the right direction. It was LCT’s fault, not Demaline or the Enquirer.

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