Jose, Can't You See?

Jake Speed -

Jose, Can?t You See'

Notes: One of the most difficult aspects of writing a weekly song is committing to a song's direction. There's no time to get halfway through the lyrics and decide to scrap them (like I do with my non-deadline songwriting). The concept for this week's song could've ventured down so many avenues, but when the clock's ticking, you gotta go with your gut. Like 'Cinergy Bill' and 'Ain't Saved Enough,' this song began as a Talkin' Blues tune. And just like the other two, Sarah talked me into something slightly more melodic. She also advised me on cutting some unnecessary verses and lines. She maintains a savvy ear each week as I bounce these songs off of her; I love having her around because she always tells me the brutally honest truth (even though I sometimes take it hard). This week, her advice made the cut.

Jose, Can't You See' "Click Here to hear Jose, Can't You See" 5/13/06 ' 5/15/06

I was down at the ballpark just the other day Trying to drink a lot of beer and watch a little of the game When the man on the loudspeaker says, 'stand up Let's all join in and sing the national anthem I told my friend Jose, "Beware the usher's eyeing you with a rocket-red glare.

Grab a Bud Light and try to sing American."

Jose can't you see, this is the land of the free

Near the end of the song I lost my place Between the 'perilous fight' and the 'banner yet wave' So I lip-synched the rest, I didn't even panic Till I heard Jose, he was singing it in Spanish Ay, Dios Mio. Knock it off, I don't believe ya If they hear you singing, They'll build a fence between us And THEN how am I supposed to get home, you drove

After the song, just as I suspected The usher pointed us out to police detectives They swarmed around us, they grabbed Jose I said, 'hold on a minute, I got something to say Yes, he's an immigrant and he's singing in Spanish But you better lay your hands off him, I demand it He swore an oath to buy my next beer

Just then something happened that I never expected They handcuffed me; grabbed me by the neck I shouted 'I didn't do it, this is a bunch of crap" The FBI agent said, 'we got you wire-tapped We have you on tape, caught you red-handed You lip-synched the entire last half of the anthem You're going to jail and we're throwing away the Francis Scott Key"

They read me my rights, booked me for treason I tried to explain that I didn't mean it I was drunk, confused, out of my mind Like the people who voted for Bush a second time I needed a miracle to get out of this And just then Barry Bonds got a home run hit And the ball bounced over my way

I dove for the Barry Bonds home run ball| So did the FBI Agents and all After all the scuffle and all the wrestling Jose had the ball in his possession He said, 'Okay, let's start dealing The home run ball for our personal freedom Dealor No Deal" Deal, we got away

Jose and I returned to the game But something about it just wasn't the same How could anyone be so dumb As to want to make a law about the way a song is sung Just then we heard it was the 7th inningIt was 'Take Me out to the Ball Game' and Jose started singing I said, 'Have you ever been to Canada''

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