Kim Taylor Returns Home Friday

Aug 4, 2010 at 11:57 am

We caught up with local singer/songwriter Kim Taylor after her show at HullabaLOU Music Festival at Churchill Downs in Lousiville a few weeks ago. We wanted to get the scoop on her new album, Little Miracle.

Kim has been working on new music and will release her latest recording Friday night at Northside Tavern Her music can often be heard on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Hawthorne.—-

CB: How was your experience playing at the first HullabaLOU festival?
Great. The production teams did a great job of caring for us before, during and after the set. Amazing help with NO attitudes, and that was refreshing.

CB: What new music have you been working on? Have you been recording?
I'm about to release my latest recording, Little Miracle. There's a promotional campaign starting in the next couple of weeks with a Louisville-based PR team that I used for my I Feel Like a Fading Light record in 2006. I've already had two TV placements from Little Miracle, so that's been cool to see good reception with a new project.

CB: We know you play guitar, but do you play any other obscure instruments and record with them?
I always write on both piano and guitar. Piano was my first instrument. The new project is just me and my friend Jimi Zhivago (out of NYC and plays with the band Ollabelle.) We play everything on it: guitars, piano, organs, percussion, etc. I played flute as a band nerd growing up, but I don't play anything obscure, though.

CB: Do you have any new songs being placed on TV right now? 
I have “Days Like This (Greatest Story EP)” on Army Wives (July 25 episode), then two more placements on Hawthorne and Flashpoint.

CB: Is it true that you had no idea that the Lost Oceanic airlines song was for the show when you recorded it?
I truly had no idea. I have never watched Lost. I don't watch TV anymore. I don't have time for it! Too much energy.

CB: So you'll be back in Cincinnati soon? 
I have a hometown release show for Little Miracle on August 6 at Northside Tavern! Super excited about that. Everyone should come out and check it out.