Laid Off As Folk

Nov 6, 2008 at 12:58 pm

Now that the economy has been kicking it snow sled style, I have been laid off from my wonderful job at a major Cincinnati corporation that makes jet engines. No, not Kroger! Silly! Now I find my days are free to do whatever I want! What do I choose to do you ask? Start a club of some sort that helps out the homeless of Cincinnati? Start a kick ass smart guy team of engineers to win the Automotive prize? —-

All those sounded like great ideas, but I decided to do something a lot more productive and catch up on my MUST SEE TV! About 10 years ago I was turned onto this show from my good friend Mat K, who is smart, caring, sensitive and strong and I trust his pop-culture opinion. So I rode my bike to the library and checked out the first season of Queer As Folk. If you are not familiar with Queer As Folk, it's a dramedy from Showtime that aired from 2000 to 2005 that follows the lives of five homosexual men, a couple of lesbians, and a PFLAG mom that live Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yeah, Pittsburgh, where every single man is gay, flexy-sexy, drop-dead gorgeous and as big as they come. 

The series' main character is Michael Novotny, played by Hal Sparks, a small bottom who is forever looking for that one man to make him the happiest little boy in the world! Michael's childhood friend Brian Kinney, played by Gale Harold, who is also Terri Hatcher's boyfriend on Desperate Housewives, is a self-absorbed homosexual who wants nothing to do with any relationships and is only after the next fuck in the neighborhood. Brian has a little stalker named Justin who starts out as a young virgin looking for his first love/fuck and comes across Brian and the drama ensues.

The lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie, are having a baby and want to get married but those darn parents just don't understand. My favorite character is Emmett Honeycutt, he the most flamboyant of the five. He comes off so naive and innocent on the outside, but is ready to strip down naked in order to clean a house for horny old men at 100 bucks an hour. Judging by the situation my life is in now, I would probably go for that as well. I would just need a full body wax before I show off these goods. I usually watch QAF while riding in my recumbent bike. By the time I'm finished working out I'm all sweaty just like the hunks on the show, except I'm not dancing at Babylon and giving head near the couches in the back.

Since each show is about 45 minutes long, there are roughly 22 episodes in a season and it ran for five seasons, there is a lot to catch up on. Since I started watching it this weekend I am already onto episode 13 of season two. My eyes have never seen so many dicks, not even during the days of hipster dance night at Jacobs. So if you are one of the super lucky people to get laid off during this holiday season, I suggest picking up Queer As Folk at your local library. Try not to go too fast though; I don't want to wait for you to return the copies before I can get them!