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Leslie Shiels

LESLIE SHIELS exhibits her paintings locally, regionally and nationally. Her current exhibition, Intercessions, on view at Cincinnati Art Galleries through the end of October, features more than 50 paintings. Shiels usually works in series, which have previously focused on the gargoyles of Hughes High School, Bermuda, Africa, cultural patterns, moths, hounds and, most recently, portraits combined with various bird species. Her work appears in the collections of many corporations and museums. Here is a glimpse into the mind of this prolific artist.

These things are important to me: Me. The health and balance of my body. My spouse. My home. Whole food. The well being of my mother and siblings. Understanding and absolute friendship. In-depth conversations. Civilized dogs. Hilarity. Reading glasses. Sufficient funds. A heat lamp outside of the shower. Books. Bright sunny days. More rain soon. A Studio. Heat in the studio. Water in the studio. A bottomless supply of painting materials. Rational communication among world leaders. Taking a stand. Clarity. Honest effort. Fair play. The truth.

I am inspired by: Color. The miracle of ordinary days. The brilliant words of others. Yo-Yo Ma. The French language. Africa. The bravery and faith of Jeff Nelson. Quid pro quo free kindness. Stephen Hawking. Grace.

ARTICULATIONS offers things important to one of Cincinnati's visual artists.

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