Letterman: Boehner Needs Counseling

Leave it to TV talk show host David Letterman to tell it like it is.

Broaching a topic that is on most political junkies' minds these days, Letterman questioned the psychological stability of House Speaker John Boehner (R-West Chester) on his CBS show Monday night.—-

During an interview with NBC News anchor Brian Williams, Letterman asked the TV journalist what he thought of the Orange One's propensity to break into tears at odd moments.

“But the guy will cry like he's on drugs,” Letterman said, referring to his own reaction to Valium while recovering from an injury.

As a clearly uncomfortable Williams squirmed in the guest's chair, Dave continued, “I'm not suggesting he's using drugs. What I'm suggesting there has been trauma in this man's life that he's struggled with, and that's why he's always sobbing.”

Although Williams tried to turn the concerns into a bogus, outdated debate about masculinity, Letterman didn't bite, instead keeping his queries on-track.

“I'm suggesting that he needs some sort of counseling,” the host quipped.

A reasonable line of inquiry about the man who is third in line to the presidency.

Watch the interview here.

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