Lightening the Load

Road to Wellness

Spring is here, and thoughts go to shedding excess weight that might have crept up on us. All you hear about is lo-carb this, hi-protein that and umpteen diets that are the fad of the moment. What we need to know is this: It's not a diet that you need, it's a food plan for life combined with a way to deal with stress, anxiety and the issues that might be a cause of your overeating.

These changes must start from within, and there are many ways to get the help and support you need. Addressing the cause of the anxiety, perhaps with hypnotherapy or other methods, is extremely beneficial as it gets to the origin of the overeating. Self-help groups can provide reinforcement and empathy for a shared challenge and reduce the isolation that's sometimes a contributing factor to overeating. You can learn stress reduction techniques such as relaxation imagery, yoga, meditation and regular exercise instead of reaching for food to make you feel better.

Food is fuel for our body, and we should only put the right amount and type of fuel into it so that we can maintain our energy level and receive proper nutrition. Diets put all of our focus on food, when we should think more about feeding our spirit instead.

A plan such as LA Weight Loss can help because it includes support, a balanced menu plan including the four basic food groups and a projected weight loss of two pounds per week, a safe and steady pace. You can reach them at 513-388-0503.

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