Local 127 Offering Sunday 'Family Meal'

Aug 25, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Local chef Steve Geddes is giving Cincinnatians the option to have an expertly prepared family-style meal with the all-new “Family Meal” at Local 127 (413 Vine St., Downtown), scheduled for Sundays when the options for eating out are sparse. The very first Family Meal took place last Sunday and featured chicken three ways — a buttermilk drumstick, confit thigh and panko encrusted breast — with whipped potatoes and chicken gravy and cornbread which, sorry, Ma, was the best I’ve ever had. Not to mention the plum crisp for dessert.

Local 127 prides itself on a “farm-to-table” philosophy, which means most of the produce is from regional farms if not from the nearby Findlay Market. The Family Meal will change just as the regular menu does — what’s in-season is what’s served — but Geddes is hoping that by letting some of his closest friends pick the premise for Family Meals dishes the concept of a family-style meal will really be driven home. While friends won’t be able to choose everything from sides to seasoning, they will be able to suggest their favorite homestyle classics. This coming Sunday a braised beef dish will be offered, while meatloaf is on the menu two Sundays from now.

Although Local is still working on the ins and outs of the deal, this is what we can tell you: For 20 bucks a head, diners can experience rustic, down-home cooking at its finest in a bistro setting every Sunday from here on out. Check out Local 127’s Facebook page on Sundays for more details. Local is also offering its normal dinner menu on Sundays, which features smartly crafted dishes composed of the freshest ingredients, but this deal is hard to beat.

The restaurant recently moved to a new location at 413 Vine St.