Local GOP: Facts Don't Matter?

When it comes to debating policy issues, most people will tend to respect their opponents more if they at least use verifiable facts when making their arguments and not outlandish statements that are easily shredded.

 Such is the case with Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou and his attacks on U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Westwood) over the recent "cap and trade" bill that seeks to limit carbon dioxide emissions.—-

On the local GOP blog today, Triantafilou wrote, "Mr. Driehaus' party-line voting history is a far departure from the independent voice of Steve Chabot. Mr. Driehaus has failed to put a CAP on frivolous spending and higher taxes in Washington so the voters should TRADE him for Steve Chabot in 2010."

In what alternate dimension is Chairman Alex living in?

As several Congressional watchdog groups and public policy centers have noted over the years, Chabot — Driehaus' Republican predecessor in the 1st District seat — was one of President Bush's most ardent supporters. A review of Chabot's voting record reveals he usually sided with the president a whopping 92 percent of the time.

No matter whether you believe the threat of global warming has been overstated for political gain or if human activity is the driving force behind climate change, there are some facts that are simly unescapable. One is Chabot's voting record.

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