Love List: Andy Gasper, Logan Lautzenheiser, Karl Spaeth, Chris Weir

Late night (aka 10 p.m.) the final Sunday of each month, four dudes in lab coats take the stage at MOTR Pub under the moniker Future Science for an hour and a half of absurdist multimedia sketch comedy, complete with human baked potatoes, a variety of pr

Names: Andy Gasper, Logan Lautzenheiser, Karl Spaeth, Chris Weir

Ages: 28, 29, 30, 27

Title: Future Science

Hometowns: Kent, Ohio; Mason; Mason; Cold Spring, Ky. 

Why we love them:

For their self-described “Monty Python meets Space Jam ” monthly sketch comedy show at MOTR Pub.

Late night (aka 10 p.m.) the final Sunday of each month, four dudes in lab coats take the stage at MOTR Pub under the moniker Future Science for an hour and a half of absurdist multimedia sketch comedy, complete with human baked potatoes, a variety of props and loosely obtained doctorate degrees.

“We do live sketches, videos and PowerPoint presentations on a topic every month,” says Karl Spaeth. “So it’s a whole new show every month about whatever topic we decide. In the world of the show, we’re all scientists working for a big corporation; it’s like funny TED Talks but everybody’s insane.” 

Last month the theme was “drugs” — hence the “baked” potato. In February, it’s “love.” 

The scientists — Spaeth, Andy Gasper, Logan Lautzenheiser and Chris Weir — all have a history in the local comedy scene. They regularly do solo stand-up at Go Bananas, most had slots at this past year’s Brew Ha Ha beer and comedy fest, and, in fact, Weir just won the Funniest Person in Cincinnati contest. (“We’re like in the top 10 funniest people in Cincinnati,” Lautzenheiser says, sarcastically.) So you can trust that their homage to the likes of Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show and early Conan O’Brien is actually a laugh — plus admission is free.

“We’ll do something that’s well written but then we’ll do something that might be like two people laughing at this, but if we think it’s funny, we do it,” Weir says. “Like that Steinbeck joke we did last night.” 

“I did a character that was a Mexican drug lord but as the interview progressed you found out that he was just basically Lenny from Of Mice and Men,” Spaeth adds. 

“There was a chortle in the back,” Gasper says. “Like three people laughed. You thought we were going to have a riot.”

“It was the Great American joke,” Spaeth says. 

What aspects do you love about your job, i.e., Future Science?

Chris Weir: The audience. They’ve been such die-hards. We’ve been doing this less than a year and then last night it was packed and people were sitting on the floor just to get a spot.

Andy Gasper: That’s the second time people have sat on the floor, too. I was telling a friend that and they were like, “They were sitting on a dirty bar floor?” And I wasn’t even thinking. It’s still a bar floor — I mean it’s clean; it’s very clean. It didn’t cross my mind but like holy shit we might have something good if people are willing to just disregard that.

Karl Spaeth: I think we should test it by doing it in a bar bathroom sometime.

What do you love about Cincinnati?

AG: The parking meters.

Logan Lautzenheiser: Mayor Cranley.

KS: I love everywhere on The Banks.

LL: No, really. I love that sketch comedy shows in like New York and L.A. have an audience just because there’s people there to come. But we’re in Cincinnati and it’s a different city. We have people coming out to see something really weird, really late.

KS: I love the fact that it’s a small enough town where you can go anywhere and just run into someone you know.

CW: And there’s still something you’re experiencing about this city. Like, “I’ve never been here before, this is something new.” I love that it keeps progressing in the right direction. I feel like it keeps getting better.

LL: Except for parking.

AG: It’s a teenage city, it seems like, where it’s just in the stage of trying to figure out what it is. “Oh, we’re having growing pains now,” but it could come out really awesome.

KS: It would be really nice if we were 10 years ahead instead of 10 years behind. Like, fuck you, Mark Twain.

LL: Really, Cincinnati’s just trying to make Mark Twain look like a dick. 

Name someone that you love: role model, best friend, inspiration, etc., and tell us why.

CW: I’ll say for sure all the comedians that came ahead of us. We are so spoiled. Not only is Go Bananas such an awesome club, you don’t realize that until you start traveling out to other places; not every place has you set up for success like Go Bananas does. All the comics, I just don’t want to start naming out a bunch of Cincinnati guys, but there’s so many people that are now in New York or L.A.

AG: I’ll name ’em. They fucking deserve it. Geoff Tate. Ryan Singer. Dave Waite. Mike Cody.

KS: Mike Cody is kind of a big reason why this show exists. Before he moved he was starting shows, he did Underbelly, the old sketch show, and he was just very encouraging to all of us as we were starting out as comedians.

LL: One of the nicest guys.

KS: And one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

LL: We should also mention everyone who’s ever helped us out.

What is a phrase or motto you live your life by? 

LL: We’re adults.

AG: It’s going to be OK.

CW: I’d say, “Prepare then don’t care.” That’s one thing I’ve learned from stand-up: Put the time in before the show to write. Anytime I think about a show — stand-up or sketch — that didn’t go the way I wanted to, it’s because I was thinking about it too much. I was too uptight.

KS: I’d say, “Funny over everything.” ©

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