Love Us or Hate Us?

CityBeat readers were all over the map in 2008

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Regarding Joe Wessels’ column “Looking for Help That Helps,” well said! I got more than blank stares the last time I encountered the suburban church group literally two inches outside our church door on the sidewalk handing out sandwiches while our worship service was going on, leaving only litter besides nothingness in their wake. — Leslie Cook, Over-the- Rhine (issue of Jan. 9)

Cincinnati could be a world-class city, but radical change is desperately needed from the top of its political structure to the bottom. We had hoped that with the election of Todd Portune and other supposed “by the people, for the people” politicians change would come. Hope is now dead for us after reading in the Porkopolis column the many unholy alliances made by Tim Burke, Portune and their other Democratic friends in Republican clothing. — Patsy Kline, Midland, Tex. (Jan. 23)

Regarding Larry Gross’ column “Kids Having Kids,” I wanted to share that poor parenting is definitely not limited to the young. I have worked in retail for 22 years, and I can attest to the fact that poor parenting runs amuck in all generations of spawners. I see parents from all walks of life with parenting skills I wouldn’t trust for my dogs. — Dawn Chilly, Loveland (March 19)

I think Larry Gross means well and all, but he shouldn’t stick his nose into another parents’ business. After reading “Kids Having Kids,” I don’t know how I would have reacted if he approached me about the way I was handling my child. I don’t think I would have liked it, and he probably would have gotten an earful from me. — Dee Lucus, Over-the-Rhine (March 19)

Our ever-petulant sheriff’s statement in Joe Wessels’ “One for All, All for One” that “you have 50 or 60 (police) chiefs in this county sitting on their thumbs” indicates all too well Simon Leis’ general condescension to anything or anyone not under his thumb. I for one am fed up with the antics of this soon-to-be-retired public official. — Steve Grote, Dent (April 2)

Thank you for the article “Bare-Bones Criminal Justice.” I’m an educated black man from the East Coast and am very aware of the great divide between justice for the poor and people of color. I’m sorry to say that Margo Pierce’s article presented nothing new for me but am glad that someone here is willing to present the truth. — Bruce Bennett, Deer Park (April 9)

Danny Cross attributed a quote to me which was completely made up in his Worst Week Ever column. In quotes, he printed “as any God fearing heterosexual would” as a statement made by me in describing Sheriff Simon Leis’ dancing. I did not make that statement, and it makes me look like an idiot in the public eye. If he thinks this is satire, then he should stand behind his own statements and not attribute them to other individuals. — Bonita Brockert, Cincinnati (May 21)

What Citizens for Community Values has done to CityBeat deeply saddens me. It specifically says on the group’s Web page that CCV exists to promote Judeo-Christian moral values and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values through education, active community partnership and individual empowerment at the local, state and national levels. They had a problem with CityBeat and didn’t go to CityBeat directly but went to others with the problem. That’s not a Judeo- Christian value. The paper’s adult ads might be right, and they might be wrong. It doesn’t matter what CCV says in regards to this, though. They don’t even have enough character and integrity to follow their own beliefs and stances. — Scott Horstmeier, Cincinnati (June 18)

Thank you so much for Margo Pierce’s article on family violence, “Ohio’s Silent Epidemic.” The numbers are truly epidemic in their proportions, and Pierce is absolutely correct: If that many children died as a result of lead poisoning, we’d be bending over backwards to bring it to a halt. — Libby Campbell, Charleston, S.C. (June 18)

In “The Naked Truth About Raw Food,” Chris Charlson has many positive things to say about drinking raw milk … and states that baby cows — those of us raised on a farm call them calves — die if fed pasteurized milk. I wonder how calves would fare if fed a diet of human breast milk? — Anonymous (July 16)

I’m no staunch conservative nor an extreme liberal, but I agree with Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones that we can’t continue to accommodate the rejects from Mexico and South America. What about some of the Central Americans who wear loin cloths and speak broken Spanish and stab people? We have them here, too. Lest we forget all the Latin gang members. Also the burden on social services and corrections. — Scott Palmer, Cincinnati (Aug. 6)

Thanks for Tom Hayden’s “Dreams of Obama” essay. The Bush administration, with its military aggressions and torture, has taken this country to the “dark side.” John McCain, from all indications, would continue Bush’s policies and wars and might well expand them. This presidential election is, once again, literally a matter of life or death. — Jim Byrnes, Hyde Park (Aug. 27)

I’d like to nudge anyone thinking of riding your bike in local streets to forget about other people’s perceptions of danger, difficulty and unfriendliness and get out there. Start small and work your way up. Your skill and confidence will grow. Make mistakes and learn from them. Believe me, if Stephen Carter-Novotni can do it, so can you. — Jim Allen, Bridgetown (Sept. 23)

Kevin Osborne’s article “Considering ‘Life Peace Zones’ ” really made my neck veins pop. This appalling presumptuousness is almost more frightening than the fact that reproductive rights are still under constant attack 35 years after Roe v. Wade became law. To think that our City Council’s time might be taken up with a bogus “zoning restriction” proposal infuriates me. It’s one more masked attempt to manicure away a woman’s access to family planning! It might come as a surprise to some, but the West Side is changing and not everyone who lives here swings to the same tune. — J.M. Greenway, Westwood (Oct. 8)

I sometimes forget why I don’t pick up CityBeat. After reading Larry Gross’ silly column on gay marriage, I now remember why. The tradition of marriage is important. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and it’s been that way for hundreds of years. It’s tradition.

If they want to live together, I could care less, but they shouldn’t impose their will on us. Just because they don’t believe in tradition doesn’t mean we have to do away with it. — Keven Peder, Norwood (Oct. 15)

My friends and I have discontinued the use of your magazine and will not permit it in our businesses! Terrible, terrible writing and poor editing! — Tony George, Downtown (Nov. 19)

Columns are meant to be a forum for original ideas, yeah? Perhaps Doug Taylor should save his for the cab ride back to 1989. Republican irony is so passe. — Emerson Hodell Dyer, Clifton (Dec. 3)

I become so annoyed when I read Larry Gross’ rants on same-sex marriages and abortion, and that one-sided story on his bartender was really over the top. But then he writes something so moving and touching I have to continue to read his column to see what’s coming next.

Love him or hate him? I have no idea. — Geri Lunken, Erlanger (Dec. 17)

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