Mac's Pizza Pub...

Oct 23, 2008 at 5:18 pm

Mac's Pizza Pub is the greatest bar on earth. I seriously can't get enough of it. When it first opened and no one really went there, it was great. Now that there are a ton of college kids in there, it's still great. The drinks are whatever. No better or cheaper than anywhere else, but they do have Strongbow on tap, which is crisp and delicious. And the food is actually not bad. —- They have burgers and appetizers, but, as the name suggests, they have really good pizza. Mac's was actually named number seven in the top ten vegan friendly pizzerias in the country according to VegCookingBlog: "Mac's Pizza Pub is a lively college hangout in Cincinnati. When winding down after an exam (or skipping class!), locals enjoy Mac's vegan pizza, which is topped with fresh veggies and gourmet vegan mozzarella. But veggie students aren't limited to just pizza at Mac's—the pub also offers a Boca burger." You can peruse the menu online. When I was there last night, I noticed a new addition: Fried Pickles. I was a little too afraid to try them, but they come with "bbq ranch" sauce. Nothing can taste bad when slathered with bbq and ranch, especially after it's been breaded and fried.

It's just a normal pizza place with a wide variety of people and It's close to my house so I don't have to drive. There are hipsters who don't feel like going to the Gypsy Hut, frat dudes who don't feel like going to Christie's and people who just want to eat pizza (which they serve by the slice after 10 p.m.). There are also weird murals on the walls with bad puns like the one with the girl in her underwear next to the words, "when you want a piece." Her head is really small and it looks like her ankles are broken. There's also an Italian chef who looks like he's smoking a joint. But the crappy artwork gives a really homey kind of vibe like maybe you're in your little brother's room eating pizza with his stoner friends. They also have karaoke on Tuesdays and Saturdays, live acoustic stuff every third Thursday and djdq from The Animal Crackers/Glue randomly. He's there tonight and then again on Nov. 14.  Something for everyone. It's like their myspace headline says: "Pizza, burgers, beer, and booze."