Mac's Pizza Pub Installs Electric Car Charging Station

May 30, 2012 at 11:15 am

Sometimes good things happen where you least expect them.

Mac’s Pizza Pub is a pizza joint renowned by college kids for its greasy fare, noisy neighborhood bar feel, late hours and a good 'ol happy hour. The walls are splattered with offbeat photos and paintings, and its karaoke nights are enough to make one wish they'd turn the sports announcers up louder.

Despite its college atmosphere, Mac's has embraced more progressive ideas in the past — its vegan pizza has won awards — and has taken a decidedly proactive approach to installing environmentally-friendly methods of operation that make the pizza joint something more than just ... a pizza joint. 


Mac Ryan, owner and the brains behind Clifton's Mac's Pizza Pub, recently had a power charging station installed in the parking lot at the rear of the restaurant, near the patio, where patrons with electric or hybrid vehicles can "top off" their cars while they spend time at Mac's, according to a press release.

"It's very simple to install, requiring only a dedicated circuit. I'm not sure why other restaurants in Cincinnati aren't doing this — it's quite popular in other parts of the country," said Ryan. Ryan currently uses a Chevrolet Volt (a hybrid electric car) for Mac's delivery and catering services, which will be charged at the station during off hours.

In 2010, Mac's instituted a recycling program that drastically reduced the restaurant's waste output and trash pickup frequencies. In the future, Rutan homes to install solar panels and wind turbines to supplement his green efforts.   

As of now, Ryan knows of no other restaurants in the Cincinnati or Tristate area that offer such a service, which he expects will appease current and future customers as electric and hybrid cars begin to become more popular.