Mail Goggles: Ineffective on Mathematicians

Jan 27, 2009 at 12:36 pm

For those of you with Gmail accounts through Google, you'll be glad to know that your future relationships will not end like your last when you decided to crash at your sister's house after a long night of drinking:

Subject: Heyy Sweaty
From: You  To: Girlfriend
What are you doing! Me going to sleep with the sister you know.  Her hair is broken.  She and I hot.  Too many clothes.  Seee you layor.
Lobe You,
Big Daddy

Google has introduced a new feature in their Google Labs, a clearing house for non-standard email features which users can turn on if they wish.

If enabled, Mail Goggles will ask you a series of math problems if you try to send an email between certain times on certain days.  You determine what times you're most likely to ruin your own life, and google will try to help you.  You must answer the problems in under a minute.  Sorry mathematicians, they have released a reading comprehension version...yet.