Medical Marijuana Tinctures Finally Hit the Shelves at Ohio Dispensaries

After delays, the medicinal marijuana products shipped to a few Ohio dispensaries this week. Edibles and other products likely aren't far behind.

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Roberto Valdivia

It's been a long wait, but if you have a license to buy medicinal marijuana in Ohio, you can now get processed marijuana products here. 

Tinctures produced by Ohio cultivator and processor Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals made their way to three dispensaries this week and went on sale at one in Coshocton called Ohio Cannabis Company yesterday. Two other dispensaries in Canton and Wickliffe also received the products.

Ohio residents who have any of 21 medical conditions can register for a license to buy medicinal marijuana, but prior to this week, Ohio's roughly 20,000 registered medicinal marijuana recipients could only obtain buds from the marijuana plant because the processors chosen to make things like tinctures, edibles and other products experienced delays in the state's licensing process.

The state's system was supposed to be up and running last September, but product didn't go on sale at a few of the state's chosen dispensaries until January this year.

The snags haven't stopped now that some dispensaries have the tinctures — problems with the systems that track dispensaries' sales delayed their ability to sell the products earlier this week. Ohio Cannabis Company has been entering the sales into the state's database one at a time as a temporary solution.

The tinctures come in 30-milligram bottles that are available in two strengths —  a two-day supply with 220 milligrams of THC and 20 milligrams of CBD for $80 and another four-day supply with double the THC and CBD for $140. 

The state so far has licensed Grow Ohio and another company, Standard Wellness Company, to process medicinal marijuana products. Grow Ohio says it will soon start producing edibles, topical creams and oils for vaping, as well as the alcohol-based tinctures. Standard Wellness is also poised to introduce product soon, the company says. 

Overall, Ohio has 56 licensed dispensaries coming online — including three in Hamilton County — though only 13 are open currently statewide.

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