Mel Almada's Leap

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Mel Almada made the majors in 1933 as a Boston Red Sox outfielder. He was the first Mexican national to find a professional place in America's national pastime. Mexicano Mel's famous leap atop Fenway Park's Green Monster wall to rob Babe Ruth of a game-winning homerun (and the Yankees of the pennant) is as legendary as it gets. I rewrote the final stanza at least four times, trying to find the perfect connection between Mel Almada's wall and the giant wall that some United States politicians want to build to keep out hard-working Mexican immigrants like Mel.

Mel Almada's Leap (Click here to Listen to Mel Almada's Leap)
Mexicano Mel

The Southpaw of the South

The first to cross the baseball border

And not get thrown out

Come gather 'round, let's take a trip to 1933

To Fenway Park, the spot of Mel Almada's Famous Leap


The wall was high

No one could see the top

The wall was high

But not high enough to stop


Mexicano Mel leapt atop the wall

Everybody thought it was a homerun ball

But Mexicano Mel never had a doubt as he

Leapt atop the wall and made the out

The game was in the ninth

The Yankees vs. the Sox

With the pennant on the line

The Babe stood in the box

The pitch came in a blaze

The bat let out a smack

The Big Green Monster stood

At Mel Almada's back

Bridge + Chorus

The fans were all amazed

They could not believe their eyes

Mel had jumped a wall

That was 40-feet high

When asked about his leap

Mel replied with a nod

"No wall should stop a working man

From doing his job"

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