Melva's Manifesto?

Imagine my surprise when I looked out on my front porch this morning and discovered a pamphlet left by Westwood Concern that was chock full of political commentary — albeit a great deal of it written in incomplete sentences.—-

The first page of the four-page tract was fairly straightforward: the agenda for a recent meeting, dates of future meetings and news about the upcoming “Make A Difference Day” at Westwood Town Hall.

But the two-page inner spread contained the interesting bits.

Written in single-spaced type was a rambling diatribe about the recent budget showdown on Cincinnati City Council, and alarmist claims that council will layoff up to half the Police Department next year.

Although the authorship of the manifesto isn’t given, its frequent warnings about government handouts to social programs, heavy use of descriptive adjectives and occasional incoherence recalls the speaking style used by Westwood activist Melva Gweyn when she addresses City Council at its public session.

Here are some of the pamphlet’s highlights:

** In Cincinnati we live with the results of decades of manipulation and lustful focus upon federal dollars that have gone to supplement waste makers and political coffers. Many city leaders, (goal to advance state and national) solely for their own benefit allowed problems of public safety to mount. The purpose of which was to support conditions of disorder that feed poverty and fear. The breeding of these conditions is where money and power lie until everything of value is powerless and destroyed. When we so fear doing what is right that we stop, we are lost.

(Who knew power lies in poverty? Regardless, if Westwood Concern truly believes that city leaders let crime increase for their personal gain, I have a bridge to sell them. And given Westwood residents’ frequent, noisy protests at City Hall, I don’t think anyone has made them fearful.)

** The majority of our standing City Council have proven they are willing to cut police not to mention basic city services within our hardest working departments, yet they are saving some expensively incompetent administrator heads and redundant departments. “Image is everything” is so successful as Cincinnati’s marketing strategy it will also continue. Another success to continue is the massive body of supported social programs and nonprofits that are unaccountable but high on the list to be increased. We will remain the great free store Mecca until no one is left with a job to provide free. Cincinnati will continue sending the Y’all come to disenfranchised criminals, professional welfare seekers, seriously mentally ill and altruistic administrators seeking high nonprofit salaries and no accountability. Not to mention local criminals spilling from understaffed and overcrowded jails onto the streets. These folks are important to pad the Mayor’s 2010 Census count. Particularly those with multiple personalities and mobile public living quarters with their newly discovered tendency to vote often.

(Cliff Notes version: No one should receive tax money except my neighborhood. Oh, and I hate ACORN, too!)

** Once beyond the 2009 election, should the current majority be brought back, this same crew look to cut, within a short period, close to half of our standing police force. Democrat incumbent, Jeff Berding, never wavered in standing for the average responsible law-abiding citizen and our police even when that action was contrary to our body-guarded Mayor. As elderly, disabled, and average residents are attacked on public streets/buildings and in their own homes it is reassuring to know Cincinnati will be spared the embarrassment of something unpleasant happening to our Mayor in the midst of his entourage on the way to one of his many upscale fund raisers or public appearances.

(Apparently, there was once a time when Cincinnati was crime-free. The tradeoff, alas, was that its parochial schools didn’t teach punctuation and sentence structure back then.)

** All this leadership happening in the midst of the current crime “off season” (holidays the highest) when the entire city of Cincinnati is seeing the highest spike both day and night of home and business break ins, robberies, rapes, shootings and disorder. The majority of current city leaders find arguing to reduce the police reasonable along with adding to citizens time having to fight to save police while the same residents also deal emotionally and physically with the results of supported disorder.

(Random observations: 1.) Someone needs Ritalin. 2.) Cincinnati Police say the crime rate is down; either the police or Westwood Concern is lying. 3.) Scholarly studies exist that show the number of police doesn’t affect the crime rate, it’s how resources are deployed. I may download a few of them for the group.)

The fact that some politicians bend over backward to pander to this sort of paranoid, bitter tripe reveals their character. If this is what passes as rational political discourse in Cincinnati, we’re all in trouble.

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