Morning News and Stuff

Jun 3, 2011 at 11:37 am

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, 83, died today at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., where he’d been hospitalized for the last month with pneumonia and kidney problems. Kevorkian’s lawyer, Meyer Morganroth, said it appears Kevorkian suffered a pulmonary thrombosis when a blood clot from his leg broke free and lodged in his heart. "It was peaceful. He didn't feel a thing," Morganroth told the Detroit Free Press. Morganroth told the paper he doubts anyone will assume Kevorkian’s role in assisted suicide asking, “Who else would take those kind of risks?”—-

“Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Aptly dubbed “Dr. Death,” Kevorkian was believed to have assisted in 130 suicides for which he was convicted of second-degree murder in 1999 and sentenced to 10-25 years in prison. Kevorkian was released in 2007 and ran for Congress as an independent, earning 2.7 percent of the vote in a suburban Detroit district. Kevorkian said his experience showed the party system was “corrupt” and “has to be completely overhauled from the bottom up.”

Criminal charges will likely be filed against John Edwards today after a two-year federal investigation into money used to cover up an extramarital affair during the 2008 presidential election. Edwards’ attorney is meeting with federal prosecutors today to discuss either a grand jury indictment or a negotiated charge to which Edwards would plead guilty. Even if Edwards won the case, he would do so by making a humiliating argument that the money used to keep his mistress and out-of-wedlock child in hiding was to shield the affair from his cancer-stricken wife and not to aid in his candidacy. Yeah, that doesn’t sound any better. "Trial or not, John Edwards is the Charlie Sheen of American politics — great hair and no chance for rehabilitation," Democratic consultant Jack Quinn said.

Big douche Andrew Breitbart has been ousted as an alleged accomplice in Weinergate. Breitbart first reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) sent a picture of an erect penis to a coed Saturday using a screengrab from Twitter user @patriotusa76, who is actually Dan Wolfe. E-mails between Wolfe and Breitbart surfaced yesterday that raise suspicion about Wolfe’s involvement in the incident. In the first e-mail between the two, Wolfe informs Breitbart of the screengrab as well as key details of the story then promises that “we have more.” In another e-mail, Wolfe warns Bretibart that he will be in big trouble if unspecified details about his role in the incident leak.

Wolfe allegedly wrote: “I have ALOT of personal problems I didn't want to go into—but as I become the focus of this I am more and more afraid this will all come out. I want to tell you why I haven't talked on the phone yet. I have an en exwife suing me for custody of our 2 kids and for lots of other stuff right now. Her attorneys are after everything I own. I have an ex girlfriend who has mental problems causing issues for me at work.”

In another e-mail Wolfe wrote several days before the Weiner incident he shares his fear of Hillary Clinton. "Clinton connections—they have people everywhere," he allegedly wrote. He brought them up again in a later email to Breitbart after the Twitter photo went online.

A Tea Party group in Nevada has launched a campaign to hurt Mitt Romney’s chances of becoming the next president. Led by failed Senate candidate Joe Miller, the Western Representation PAC launched the “Stop Romney” campaign yesterday. Although the campaign is somewhat of a publicity stunt, with it being launched just hours before Mitt Romeny announced his intention to run for president, the campaign is noteworthy because it follows the news that influential Tea Party group FreedomWorks is focusing much of its own energy on stopping Romney from winning the Republican nomination. "Conservatives deserve a better choice than Mitt Romney," Miller said in a statement sent out by Western Representation PAC. "In a matchup against Obama, Tea Party voters are looking for a consistent constitutional conservative," Miller said. "We will never get behind Mitt Romney. On issues like gun rights, gay rights, abortion, immigration, and health care, Romney has flipped more than John Kerry flopped."

Nabeel Rahman, 13-year-old spelling superstar, only made it to the second round of the 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee finals last night. Rahman was done in by “dockmacky” after incorrectly spelling the word “dockmackie” (Note: Microsoft Word is telling me that both of those are incorrect so I feel for the little guy.) Rahman ended up tied for ninth place out of 275 competitors and only 13 who made it to the finals. The winner of the spelling bee, Sukyana Roy, received more than $40,000 in cash and prizes in the annual contest by correctly spelling the world “cymotrichous,” which means to have wavy hair. Asked how it felt to win, Roy, 14, said: “It’s hard to find the words.”