Morning News and Stuff

Oct 11, 2011 at 10:05 am

Occupy Cincinnati protesters lined up for more citations last night at Piatt Park, with more than 20 occupiers receiving tickets while more protesters stood outside the park, protesting in un-ticketable fashion. There are now about 15 tents in the park.

Authorities in Boston arrested approximately 100 Occupy Boston protesters around 1 a.m. this morning after warning protesters to return to their original little encampment. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino says he sympathizes with the protesters but that they'll have to find ways to occupy that aren't considered civil disobedience.—-

The Ohio Supreme Court is putting state Democrats' lawsuit over Republican-drawn congressional maps on the fast track. Seems important.

A ship carrying massive amounts of oil crashed into a reef off the coast of New Zealand, causing the country's “worst-ever maritime environmental disaster.

Hank Williams Jr. has written a song about Fox & Friends and Monday Night Football being mean to him. Not sure how much credibility writing a song on one day, recording it the next and then releasing it the following day shows for his songwriting process or the production value of country music, but whatever.

Apple's iPhone 4S preorders have broken some type of early order record. Now you have to wait in line, wait until November or bid on this one on eBay that's currently $640.

Authorities in Hungary confiscated more than 100 fake weapons Brad Pitt was going to use to film a new zombie movie over there. Give 'em back, Hungary!