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District Judge Thomas Marten yesterday issued a temporary injunction against a Kansas law that would strip all federal funding from Planned Parenthood. Marten’s injunction immediately resumes the funding provided to Planned Parenthood facilities until the lawsuit works its way through the courts.—-

A Missouri school board yesterday decided that Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut would be removed from the high school curriculum because of a complaint filed a year ago by local resident Wesley Scroggins. Scroggins argues that the books teach that which is contrary to the teachings of the bible. “I congratulate them for doing what’s right and removing the two books,” said Scroggins, who didn’t attend the board meeting. “It’s unfortunate they chose to keep the other book,” which is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Slaughterhouse Five was banned because of its “intense” language and not because of Vonnegut freely using the term, “filthy flamingo.”

A blogger far more popular than I, who goes by the name of Pam Geller, this weekend posted a blog about the justification of Behring Breivik’s terror attack in Norway. Geller — who has called Obama “President Jihad” and said that Arab language classes are a plot to subvert the United States — said that Breivik’s attack on the Norwegian Labour Party summer youth camp is justified because she says the camp is part of an anti-Israel “indoctrination center” and the victims would have grown up to become “future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole.”

Appearing on the Caplis and Silverman radio show last Friday, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) said, “Now I don’t even want to have to be associated with [Obama], it’s like touching a tar baby and you’re stuck, you’re part of the problem now. You can’t get away.

Presidential candidate and maybe-gonna-run-but-not-really-sure-quite-yet candidate Sarah Palin blasted Vice President Joe Biden last night for negative comments he allegedly made about the Tea Party. Biden was reported to have said that Tea Partiers “have acted like terrorists.” In a Monday night appearance on Fox News, Palin called the use of the word terrorist to describe Tea Partiers “vile.”

"We're getting kind of used to being called names. You know, racists and inciters of violence, and being accused with things we have nothing to do with," Palin told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. "But I suppose it's a bit more appalling to have been called acting like terrorists today from he who is in second in command of the most powerful office in the world. It's quite appalling and certainly proves how out of touch this White House is when it comes to realizing what the silent majority of Americans are seeing and feeling."

Michelle Bachmann has called on Biden to apologize for his comments saying, “Only in the bizarro world of Washington is fiscal responsibility sometimes defined as terrorism."

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