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President Obama's Cincinnati bridge visit is an attempt to literally and figuratively connect Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. No word on whether the top two Republicans in Congress will show up, but Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is reportedly going to pop in. —-

A new report suggests that Ohio health insurance costs could either go up a lot or down quite a bit when the national health care overhaul takes full effect in 2014. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor called the situation “alarming” then later used the term “Obamacare” and lost all credibility on the matter.

The Cincinnati U.S.A. Regional Chamber of Commerce yesterday stated its opposition to Issue 48, the proposed charter amendment that would block construction of Cincinnati's planned streetcar system. According to CityBeat's favorite Coffee Stealer/News Editor, Kevin Osborne:

Regarding Issue 48, the Chamber stated, “The charter amendment would prohibit city spending or appropriating funds for a streetcar system before 2020. The Chamber does not support any measure that eliminates the community’s ability to develop transportation or other economic development projects.”

The Enquirer posted this story yesterday, titled “Exchange of looks led to I-75 shooting, crash,” which probably should have been titled, “Exchange of looks led to I-75 shooting, crash, according to a witness, said a police spokeswoman.” A simple “allegedly” might have helped the story look like something a freshman journalism student wouldn't get a “C” on.

Let's just accept it now: Poll season is about to begin. Fourteen month of polls. Straw polls, phone polls, skewed polls, favorable polls, fake polls and polls with margins of error so big they can't mean anything. Here's one suggesting that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are tied in Florida, with Romney slightly ahead of Obama. Ugh.

European banks reportedly have a $410 billion credit risk. Should have paid your student loans, yo!

The clock is ticking for Troy Davis (literally — Georgia is going to kill him at 7 p.m.), despite these facts: “Since his conviction, seven of nine witnesses have changed or recanted their testimony, some have said they were coerced by police to testify against Davis and some say another man committed the crime. No physical evidence linked Davis to the crime.” Davis' attorneys have asked for a polygraph test in a final attempt at proving his innocence.

The state of Utah's liquor laws prove that freedom really isn't free, and they're reportedly becoming more restrictive:

Utah's alcohol laws already were unique. You can't order a double, or a stiff drink; happy hours and any other drink discounts, even for 3.2 beer, are illegal; licensed restaurants must use electronic ID scanners on patrons who look as if they're under 35 to make sure they're 21.

An oil rig exploded in Oklahoma, but no one was injured. Worker: “My B!”

Will the iPhone 5 be announced Oct. 4? Please, God, just give us our iPhones!

Users of FaceBook and Pandora today logged on to new designs and then started complaining like a bunch of old people whose newspapers were thrown in the yard instead of on the porch.

Many Charlie Sheen fans aren't happy with Ashton Kutcher's performance in Two and a Half Men. Maybe they forgot how stupid the show was after Sheen's hilarious meltdown.

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