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Cincinnati City Council is set to vote on a proposal that would ban police layoffs this year and next based on plans to secure funding and many other conditions. Such a complicated issue will probably be much easier to deal with during the 2013 election year.—-

Higher education costs have gradually been shifting from states to the schools themselves thanks largely to funding cuts by people whose kids go to private school, resulting in big problems for schools now that stimulus funds are ending.

President Obama is sending Congress the jobs bill he spoke about the other day. We're sure he's looking forward to the “recommended changes and alternative proposals” promised by Republicans. Bring on that $11 per week!

Kids TV show SpongeBob SquarePants has apparently been known to give parents headaches (sure it wasn't the cereal commercials?). A new study says the show is actually impairing kids' thinking.

Psychologists have now found that a brief exposure to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and the rest of the crew also appears to dampen preschoolers' brain power.

No, Billy, you may not wear that to school.

Stay away from the ground turkey for a little longer, y'all. We know it's difficult.

The season finale of True Blood aired last night and was reportedly pretty wild. Here's how CityBeat's Jac Kern described the episode: “Lots of people died. Lots of people came back. It was crazy as hell.”

The National Football League offered its first full slate of Sunday games this weekend, much to the delight of a bunch of mopes who no longer care about the game's competitiveness and beauty due to gambling and fantasy football. Screw you, Dallas!

"What if your heart keeps telling you to do the same shit over and over again?" Good point, Alcide!

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