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An organization called Citizens' League Against Subsidized Sports is gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would add a tax on Reds and Bengals tickets. Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann says he knows that the county's lease doesn't allow it to institute a ticket tax but that it doesn't say anything about a citizens' initiative.

Police costs are rising even though the force is shrinking, partially because it hasn't hired any new officers since 2008 while the top ranks have held steady.

The SB 5 debate is expected to draw a high voter turnout, which could bode well for school levies as voters come out to vote "no" on Issue 2.—-

A Columbus-based pet store chain has decided to stop selling puppies in response to a national campaign by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ “No Pet Store Puppies” drive. The company instead will allow local organizations to display puppies up for adoption inside its stores.

“It never was the bulk of our business, but it was a good business,” said Paul Kamm, vice president of sales and operations for Jack’s. “But we decided there are so many other puppies in the community that need homes that we’d start working with local organizations to find homes for their puppies."

This writer believes the do-nothing Republican Congress will hurt the GOP's chances in 2012 when Obama notes that it blocked every one of his attempts to create jobs.

Not only has the GOP refused to support Democratic measures to put Americans back to work, their alternative "jobs program" features no direct, measurable job creation whatsoever. Instead it relies on the same "trickle down" economic theory that didn't create one net private sector job in the eight years before the Great Recession - and the same unwillingness to rein in the big Wall Street banks that led to the worst financial collapse in 65 years.

Then there's this: “Census: Age-Wealth Gap Soars in U.S.”

A former Penn State University assistant football coach has been charged with sexually abusing numerous young boys, and university officials are accused of covering it up. From the AP:

Penn State's athletics director and one of the university's senior executives are to report to a Harrisburg judge today to answer to charges that they lied in the investigation of a series of sexual assaults on young boys.

Accused as the predator: Jerry Sandusky, one of college football's most visible and well-respected assistant coaches before his retirement 12 years ago, a defensive maestro who helped turn the school into Linebacker U. and once was the presumed heir apparent to Nittany Lions icon Joe Paterno.

Even in the sullied world of major-college athletics, the weekend news was stunning.

A fourth accuser is expected to go public with allegations of sexual harassment by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Too bad Cain says he's done answering questions about sexual harassment.

President Obama says the government doesn't know about any aliens but will continue to look for them just in case.

CBS commentator Andy Rooney died Nov. 4 after complications developed after a scheduled surgery. The best-selling author and syndicated columnist was 92. Here's a collection of typical Ronney lines, compiled by CNN Entertainment.

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