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Bill O’Reilly is in the news today after distancing himself and the Christian community from mass murderer Anders Breivik. The Norwegian killed more than 70 people in a bombing and sequential shooting this weekend in Oslo and on Utoya Island, but O’Reilly says that no one who believes in Jesus can commit a mass murder. Last night on his show, O’Reilly said: “Now, on Sunday, the New York Times headlined ‘As Horrors Emerged, Norway Charges Christian extremist.’ A number of other news organizations like the LA Times and Reuters also played up the Christian angle. But Breivik is not a Christian. That's impossible. No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder. The man might have called himself a Christian on the net, but he is certainly not of that faith.” —-

Oh, there’s more:

“Also Breivik is not attached to any church, and in fact has criticized the Protestant belief system in general. The Christian angle came from a Norwegian policeman not from any fact finding. Once again, we can find no evidence, none, that this killer practiced Christianity in any way.”

It’s not the first time O’Reilly has felt the need to distance Christians from acts of terror committed around the world and surely won’t be the last. O’Reilly attacked liberals after the death of Dr. George Tiller back in 2009 and denounced any ties between acts of terror that neo-Nazis commit and the acts of terror radical jihadists. You may remember O’Reilly saying this before Dr. Tiller’s death: “This is the kind of stuff that happened in Mao's China and Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union … If we allow this, America will no longer be a noble nation … If we allow Dr. George Tiller and his acolytes to continue, we can no longer pass judgment on any behavior by anybody."

A $50 million lawsuit is being prepared against MSNBC and its talk show host Rachel Maddow over statements made about Bradlee Dean, an Axel Rose impersonator ex-hard rocker turned gay rights foe. Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International ministry have openly criticized fellow Christians for not taking a stronger stand about the gay rights lobby promoting homosexuality in schools and says they should take it as seriously as Islamic law (but just don’t hurt anyone). Despite the clear statement by Dean and his ministry that he was not calling for the execution of homosexuals, MSNBC’s Maddow ran with the story and released a statement from Dean in which he says, “Muslims are calling for the execution for homosexuals in America … They seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do. Because these people are livid about enforcing their laws, they know homosexuality is an abomination.”

Dean claims what was released was an edited version of his statement and he believes he is being unfairly used as a scapegoat by elements of the radical leftist gay community (or the RLGC), such as Maddow.

Frank Darabont (why the first season of The Walking Dead was so epic) will no longer be running the show. Executive producer Glen Mazzara may take over as he has experience in making kick-ass TV while working on The Shield.

The Reds fought and clawed their way to average as they gave up eight runs against the New York Mets in yesterday’s loss at Great American Ball Park.

If you’re not already on this wagon, get on it. Michael Jai White, bitches!

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