Morning News and Stuff

May 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Republican Representative Jim DeMint said yesterday that the 2012 election is the “last chance” the party has to save the country. DeMint also added during his interview with pastor Bryan Fischer that Republicans cannot cooperate or compromise with Democrats on any level because Democrats are bent on instituting socialism. “I think it's our last chance. I really think it's now or never. Just looking at the financial situation of our country and just the polarization of views between the two parties. I mean, we have one that is really pushing toward centralization, collectivization, secularism — and we have some good people in that party,” DeMint said promptly before throwing his toys out of the pram.—-

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.) Twitter attacked President Obama yesterday for not having a Medicare plan. Pawlenty, who doesn’t have a Medicare plan but said he’d sign Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.), tweeted, “@BarackObama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?” The president responded, “@TimPawlenty bro, totes drank too much Guinness with the wifey and newfound fam in Ireland. I’ll get at you about that tomorrow #havingthetimeofmylife."

An anonymous source told the AP Wednesday that John Edwards could soon strike a plea deal to avoid an indictment. Federal prosecutors, who earlier this week received the green light from the Justice Department to go ahead with the case against him, are going over evidence from the two-year probing of Edwards’ life. If prosecuted, Edwards could see jail time.

An Arizona sheriff yesterday sent an editorial to major newspapers across the country criticizing the president’s border control policy. Sheriff Paul Babeu called the US/Mexico border “porous” and “the gravest national security threat facing America.” Babeu says the only way America can secure its borders is by adopting the McCain/Kyl 10-Point Border Security Plan, which calls for the “immediate deployment of 6,000 armed soldiers” along with video surveillance, lighting and sensors.

State Rep. Daniel Boman, who represents part of Tuscaloosa County, Fla., switched to the Democratic Party yesterday. Boman, a 36-year-old lawyer, said Wednesday that a vote on a bill to change the state’s tenure and fair dismissal laws for educators convinced him he was in the wrong party.

The Chicago Bulls are out of the NBA playoffs which means it’s OK to stop watching now. Unless you’re this guy’s children.