Morning News and Stuff

Aug 30, 2011 at 10:25 am

The Cincinnati Enquirer spent some time analyzing the rates of “gifted” students in affluent neighborhoods versus city schools, finding that rich kids are generally identified as gifted at a higher rate. No word on how often they drive really nice cars, go to Europe or have cell phones with good Internet.  —-

The Cincinnati Zoo received $1 million from some companies to build a new Africa exhibit. Last week some environmentalists gave the Zoo cred for being a green model for the community.

The producer of Queen City doesn't know why everyone hated the show so much. [Insert childish comment about rich people here.]

A presidential commission ordered by President Obama has found that the U.S. during the 1940s conducted STD research on humans in Guatemala, resulting in at least 83 deaths.

Among the 1300 people exposed to STDs during research between 1946 and 1948, "under 700 received some form of treatment as best as could be documented," according to commission member Stephen Hauser.

Mr. Obama personally apologized to Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom in October before ordering a thorough review of what happened. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the experiments as "clearly unethical."

Fox News is reporting that Mitt Romney's people hope Michele Bachmann “rip's Rick Perry's eyes out.”

Michael Vick signed a six-year $100 million contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Get a tablet. Everyone else is about to.