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Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank is getting a little bit of local coverage after posting the following to his Facebook account on Sunday: “Turn out the lights on the Occupiers, I feel like going Taliban on them!!!” Frank yesterday explained in a grammatically challenged response the wildly circular logic behind his statement: “The taliban, through there (sic) eyes are resisting occupation. I'm resisting the Occupiers. I figured that the irony would be lost on most of the dummies in Occupation Nation that oppose the war because they see us as occupiers. I happen to oppose the war too but for highly different grounds.” —-

More Occupy Cincinnati protesters received tickets last night for staying out too late, while others planned to march to the courthouse today to dispute their fines.

Here's an interesting opinion headline from someone at The Baltimore Sun: “Occupy Wall Street's critique of capitalism echoes that of Pope John Paul II

And another: “Social media drive Occupy Wall Street. Do they also divulge its secrets?

The owners of the Anna Louise Inn are suing Western & Southern Financial Group for misusing the court system to delay the inn's planned renovation, which could lose funding if the issue gets caught up in the court system. Sixteen residents of the inn last month sued W&S for bullying and violating fair housing laws.

A pro-SB5 organization has repurposed parts of an anti-SB5 advertisement featuring a Northside great grandmother in order to flip little pieces of her argument against her cause The original ad was created by We Are Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch's “Ad Watch” had already designated the Building a Better Ohio version as “misleading” because Republican spending cuts are largely to blame for any firefighter layoff decisions local governments are facing.

From a website called Plunderbund:

Even worse, the Building a Better Ohio campaign apparently decided to splice the grandmother to mislead people into thinking she was endorsing them after blasting her reasons for supporting We Are Ohio on its campaign website.

This is yet another phony endorsement problem for Building a Better Ohio. First they used stock photos to imply support by law enforcement and teachers. Then they passed off a GOP County Party Chairman as an educator’s endorsement. Now, they downright lifting We Are Ohio’s endorsement and passing it off as their own… after calling that grandmother, essentially, a liar just a few days ago.

Senate Republicans killed President Obama's jobs bill yesterday, hoping American will continue to suck until they can scream in Obama's face about it during the 2012 election.

Pepsi's profits are up 4.1 percent. Mmmm ... corn syrup ...

Chrysler and the UAW have reached a tentative agreement, good news if for some reason you're planning on buying a Chrysler.

The National Basketball League yesterday canceled the first two weeks of its upcoming season as negotiations over a new labor contract continue. Superstar LeBran James is talking about joining the NFL if the entire season is canceled. He's not getting laughed at, either.

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