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Jobs outlook, protest at Boehner office, solar Cincinnati

Dec 7, 2012 at 10:31 am
Y'all gonna die
Y'all gonna die

In kind of one of those “good news/bad news” situations, the Labor Department announced that the U.S. economy added 146,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent — the lowest rate since December 2008. However, the Labor Department also revised downward the number of jobs added in the last two months, saying employers added 49,000 jobs fewer in September and October than initially estimated.

In finally admitting Cincinnati politics’ worst-kept secret, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls formally announced she will be running for mayor in 2013. CityBeat reported previously that she’d announced this announcement before.

The fiscal cliff came to West Chester yesterday, as a group of activists protested in front of the office of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. They want him to look at cutting military spending — which accounts for 52 percent of discretionary spending — when looking for a solution to the looming fiscal cliff.

The Godless heathens citizens of Washington state are now smoking on their whacky weed and getting gay married, and the almighty still hasn’t smote them. Truly this is a sign of end times. Keep an eye out for CityBeat’s “Goodbye, Cruel World!” issue on newsstands next Wednesday. It will recap the highlights of human history and tell you the best ways to spend your remaining days on earth before the impending apocalypse on Dec. 21.

Things aren’t looking too good in Egypt. An opposition coalition rejected a dialogue by President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has declared sweeping powers for himself until a new constitution is passed. Tanks and armored cars are guarding the presidential palace.

A report by Environment Ohio shows that Cincinnati is poised to become the solar energy capital of Ohio.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Thursday that law-enforcement agencies must retain all biological evidence in rape and murder cases. Before the ruling, authorities could destroy the evidence, making it impossible for people to appeal their convictions.

Lawmakers want to move ahead with private funding of a badly-needed replacement for the functionally obsolete Brent Spence Bridge, but first they want to make sure that commuters won’t be charged a toll on the bridge.

A new survey of travel websites shows that Americans aren’t taking many of their vacation days.

Either a group of crazed social activists notorious for fictionally releasing a zoo full of animals is unhappy with Ohio lawmakers, or someone has been watching too many Bruce Willis films. A group or person calling itself the “Army of 12 Monkeys” (a reference to the 1995 film 12 Monkeys) has sent threatening letters to a number of Ohio House of Representatives members. It’s unclear what the letters said, but one representative from Newark implied they threatened the families of legislators. The letters had a return address linking them to a member’s aide, but investigators say the letters did not come from a staffer.