Morning News and Stuff

Sep 30, 2011 at 11:11 am

Opponents of Ohio's new restrictive election law have gotten it postponed until next year at the earliest, with a potential repeal of House Bill 194 in November ending it before it begins.—-

An investigation into Laure Quinlivan's use of city computers to access her personal website has cost the city thousands of dollars and scored a 13-cent repayment by Quinlivan. Another successful political move government savings by COAST.

A new law takes effect today that will attempt to reduce Ohio's prison population by sending more nonviolent offenders to places other than jail. Supporters say it will give judges more sentencing options and could save the state lots of money.

Dear fake economists/conservatives/trickle-down theorists, here's what happens when you reduce public sector workers' compensation to be more in line with underpaid private sector workers: "Consumer spending is U.S. Slows as Incomes Fall."

Michelle Obama yesterday decided to hit up Target for some great deals on everyday household items, dressing up in disguise and visiting a store in Alexandria, Va.

Bank of America has decided to start charging a $5 monthly fee for anyone who uses a debit card. Here's a poll asking whether people will be willing to leave the band and re-setup all of their online billpays over it.

Headline: “Twitter Knows What You're Feeling.” Question: Why isn't it offering me Xanax?

Holly Madison, Hugh Heffner's ex-wife, has ensured her boobies for $1 million. She is a currently a Las Vegas showgirl, a profession in which she would not be able to succeed without her knockers.

The Tampa Bay Rays made Major League Baseball's postseason despite having one of the game's lowest payrolls. They won a crazy, extra-innings, walk-off on Wednesday to secure a spot in the playoffs and will begin their series against Texas with a rookier starting pitcher who has only started Major League game.