Morning News and Stuff

Oct 31, 2011 at 9:59 am

The Cincinnati Enquirer announced its endorsements over the weekend, and four incumbents were left thinking, “What the [expletive] did I do?!?” The current councilpersons who the paper decided not to endorse are Republican Wayne Lippert, who was appointed in March, and Republicans Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn, along with Democrat Cecil Thomas.

Ghiz was described as having a penchant for starting arguments that have been “personal, petty and nasty,” while Winburn's “unpredictable behavior” was noted along with Thomas' problems fully grasping budget and finance issues.—-

Apparently the international businesses located in Cincinnati are having problems with our region's lack of bilingual speakers. Chiquita has reportedly cited the issue as one of the factors causing it to consider moving its headquarters to Charlotte or Florida.

A really good story by The Enquirer's Sharon Coolidge in response to last week's death of a toddler after intervention from Hamilton County social workers. It was the third such death in the last 10 months:

No one is saying Job and Family Services' budget woes led to those deaths, but an Enquirer examination of the agency - based on ride-alongs with social workers, public records, and an interview with the agency's boss - revealed an overloaded system that lacks oversight, support staff and the technology that workers need to do their jobs.

Even before Damarcus' death, outsiders and the agency's workers acknowledged that children's safety could be at risk.

President Obama is calling on the FDA to curb drug shortages. Come on, Obama! Give us the drugs!

Occupy Oakland is working on a general strike across the city on Wednesday and plans to march to the Port of Oakland to shut down the nation's fifth busiest port before the 7 p.m. night shift.

More Occupy news from Sunday, according to USA Today:

• Police in Portland, Ore., arrested about 30 anti-Wall Street protesters, dragging and carrying them to waiting vans, after they refused to leave a park in an affluent district.

• In Nashville, about 50 demonstrators chanted "Whose plaza? Our plaza!" in defiance of an official curfew. As people danced to keep warm on a chilly Sunday morning, police monitored the activity but made no arrests.

State troopers began enforcing the curfew at Legislative Plaza on Thursday night, three weeks after protests began.

• In Phoenix, city officials said the demonstrations cost the city $204,162 in overtime for police, firefighters, parks employees and prosecutors since the protests began Oct. 14. Councilman Sal DiCiccio suggested charging protesters for the costs.

Herman Cain is facing some issues that might be even bigger than his blatant disdain for poor people: “POLITICO reported Sunday night that Cain was accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple employees at the National Restaurant Association; the trade group reached financial settlements with several women who also left their jobs.”

Cain is now being asked directly about his past “inappropriate behaviors” by women's rights organizations, including right-leaning women's group Concerned Women for America.

From The Christian Science Monitor: “As world welcomes '7 billionth' baby, UN says empowering women is key to stability: The United Nations estimates that the world population will top 7 billion today. Key to stabilizing that rapid growth – and creating a sustainable future – is closing the gender gap and empowering women.”

Macy's plans to open at midnight on Black Friday, its earliest ever start time.

Google is going to give TV a second try.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is taking heat from all over the place after the Detroit Lions beat the crap out of the Broncos and then called the starting of Tebow “embarrassing.” Here's an awesome site mocking the little prayer Tebow does on the sidelines during games: