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Here's reason No. 1,826 that Republicans will continue to try to ruin President Obama's jobs plan: a survey of economists said it “would push down the jobless rate in 2012” which would “possibly boost Obama’s reelection bid with the potential job growth.” Will calling himself a “warrior for the working class” help? Only if it involves  him dressing like Macho Man Randy Savage.—-

Here's an idea: Come up with a rule that dissuades public officials from rehiring people to their jobs after fake-retiring to collect a pension plus salary. Probably should have thought of it before the county was in massive debt, but whatever. Go Hamilton County leaders!

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway: “Hey for-profit colleges, stop acting like people can get jobs just because they gave you their money and passed Math 101.”

A new Quinnipiac Poll shows the gap between support and opposition of SB 5 shrinking, although opposers are still ahead 51 percent to 38.

John Kasich's approval rating rose slightly last month, although he's still largely disapproved of, mostly because of SB 5 and his continued attempts to sell all the prisons, roads and bridges. Ted Strickland says he's considering another bid for governor, at least partially in response to Kasich sucking as much as he does.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket Miami University, accusing the school of “rebellion against god.” And also at Oak Hills High School, for reasons the school's administrators are unaware of. Maybe they'll take a break from faxing scary letters to CityBeat. Pls use the time to come up with something more creative than "got hates fags" — that hate speech is sooo 90's.

Ohio Democrats are considering a lawsuit against the new congressional maps Republicans have already pushed through committee.

Headline: “Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher.” Cool.

A study released on Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a research group, showed that the average annual premium for family coverage through an employer reached $15,073 in 2011 — 9 percent higher than in the previous year. And even higher premiums could be on the way, particularly in New York, where some companies are asking for double-digit increases for about 1.3 million New Yorkers in individual or small-group plans, setting up a battle with state regulators.


Did you enjoy the Nancy Grade wardrobe malfunction on Dancing With the Stars? I ain't mad at ya!

Andy Rooney: “wry and acerbic” or “hilariously strange and boring?” Either way, he's retiring to do something else he can complain about.

Top 10 things nerds want to know about the iPhone 5 as Apple's Oct. 4 announcement draws near.

Here's a funny video that is worth every minute you'll spend humming George Michael after you watch it.

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