Morning News and Stuff

Apr 12, 2011 at 11:53 am

In response to Gov. John Kasich’s (R-Ohio) approval rating dropping to 30 percent after just two months in office, Ohio Democratic lawmakers Mike Foley and Bob Hagan this week will introduce legislation to allow voters to remove and replace state officials. This new legislation would require a petition signed by 15 percent of the votes cast for that office in the last election (more than 577,780 signatures in Kasich’s case). Although they aren’t confident the bill will pass, Hagan says that Ohioans deserve a chance to recall a governor who is “hurting the people in this state.”—-

Since he assumed office in January, Kasich has insulted law enforcement and minorities and pushed through a highly controversial anti-union bill that dramatically restricts 350,000 worker’s rights.

You know how the government almost shutdown late last week? No? Well it did. To avert having to wait months and months for passport and college applications, military servicemen not getting paid on-time and having to shutdown Ol’ Faithful, $35 billion in budget cuts were agreed upon in order to keep the government running for another week. Details of the cuts have been released to the public and most of them target “Democratic priorities” such as $700 million from safe drinking water programs and $276 million from pandemic flu prevention programs.

According to CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes, members of Congress are getting their first real look at the deal today and many Republicans will air their frustration that the cuts aren’t cuts at all. As it turns out, many of the cuts appear to have been in name only because they came from programs that had unspent funds, such as the $1.7 billion left over from the 2010 census and $3.5 billion in unused children’s health insurance funds.

John Boehner succeeded in getting funding for a personal initiative to provide federally funded vouchers for District of Columbia students to attend private schools. And anti-abortion lawmakers succeeded in winning a provision to prohibit the District of Columbia, which gets federal funds, from paying for abortions.

Last night 41 D.C. residents, including the mayor and six city council members, were arrested for protesting the provisions on Capitol Hill.

On his radio show yesterday morning, Glenn Beck implied said that only hookers need Planned Parenthood. Beck was replaying a tape of his foe, MSNBC political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell talking about the health care provider that the GOP is attempting to defund in the next fiscal budget that is due next Thursday.

O’Donnell: “I have friends who depend on Planned Parenthood.”

Beck: “Hookers!? Who?”

You can listen to the audio of Beck here. And read the story about how the nonsensical bastard who, during the radio segment, made up "Buffy," an imaginary girlfriend for O'Donnell who uses Planned Parenthood to get free condoms.