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Happy Election Day! It looks like SB 5 is headed for a big defeat even though Gov. Kasich last night told a bunch of East Side Tea Partiers how cool it would be if Issue 2 passed, while a union representative told opponents of the bill that it was about to get “shoved down the throats of John Kasich and the Republicans.

The Hamilton County Administrator yesterday said “sorry homeowners, but our stadium deficit will not allow us to offer the tax credit Republicans said would make up for your part of the stadium sales tax.” Commissioners Todd Portune and Chris Monzel today said they're going to include the credit even though they don't know how yet. Hopefully they can figure it out soon so they can work on adding public housing to the suburbs before the county gets sued by the Feds.—-

Cincinnati Public Schools' yearly “Occupy the Good Schools” campaign has begun, with parents setting up tents outside Fairview German Language School more than a week ahead of the first-come, first-served application date of Nov. 16. No word on whether police plan to arrest anyone for trespassing, as no local business leaders care.

Parents line up earlier and earlier every year to enroll their children for limited numbers of open seats. They pitch tents and bring Frisbees and barbecue grills. Some don't mind the process. They say it fosters a deeper commitment to the school and a stronger camaraderie among parents. But the process has long been criticized as unfair because it shuts out those who can't camp out due to work, child care or transportation constraints.

President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are looking dumb after talking shit about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of a microphone that journalists weren't supposed to be plugged into (first rule of journalism: plug into anything a president tells you not to). According to the BBC, Sarkozy said "I can't stand him any more. He's a liar” and then Obama was like, "You're sick of him. I have to deal with him every day!" And then a journalist quietly said, “Yessss.”

First he said he didn't know anything about accusations of sexual harassment, then he said he did, then he said he wasn't going to talk about the accusations anymore. Now Herman Cain says he's going to set the record straight. Make up your mind, Herman!

A federal judge yesterday blocked the implementation of a law that would have forced tobacco companies to put scary and gross images on the packages of cigarettes to warn consumers about how seriously they'll mess themselves up if they use the product. The judge cited “First Amendment rights against unconstitutionally compelled speech as a factor in his 29-page decision.

Penn State sex abuse scandal chips at Joe Paterno's Legacy.” Ya think?

OPEC says the world's CO2 emissions will rise 43 percent by 2035 if we keep using so much coal.

Justin Bieber has agreed to take a paternity test to prove he didn't get some 20-year-old pregnant. And then she might be charged with statutory rape because Bieb was only 16 when the alleged boot-knocking occurred.

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