Morning News and Stuff

Dec 13, 2011 at 9:59 am

Ohio voter advocates say there was a big elephant in the room during the creation of Ohio's controversial redistricting map, and it was super tan and cried a lot. The Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting says John Boehner was central in the process, working with map-making consultants and the National Republican Congressional Committee. Here's a link to the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report. From The Enquirer:

"The report found: decisions were not made in public; public input was ignored; there was limited opportunity for the public to review proposed maps; the public was not provided with relevant data for proposed districts; nonpartisan redistricting criteria were not used; and the criteria used to evaluate plans were never publicly identified."—-

A group of people including the daughter of the late Procter & Gamble CEO John Smale yesterday asked City Council for approximately $8 million more in funding for a riverfront park just south of The Banks. Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes apparently has no thoughts on such spending as of yet.

Charlie Winburn says there should be no water rate hike but everyone should get married in the City Hall courtyard.

Police removed Occupy Baltimore protesters yesterday, and protesters plan to begin squatting in vacant buildings next.

Lowe's is still facing heat for pulling its ads from a Muslim TV show, but now with people like Russell Simmons buying up air time to prove a point/make mass money, the show is guaranteed to be a success.

Retail sales in November rose for the sixth straight month, but still disappointed some forecasters.

Apple's Mac App Store has passed 100 million downloads.

Finally, a robot that can make you a sandwich.” Well said, Mashable.