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Conservatives are angry about something, so The Enquirer told one of its few remaining staffers to spend a couple hours searching for quotes on conservative blogs. Maybe it's because reporter Carl Weiser included in his preview of Jerry Springer coming to town a list of Springer's upcoming show topics, as if they have any relevance to voter suppression and GOP election laws.—-

There's apparently a man groping runners and walkers in Hyde Park. Dangerous neighborhood. Seriously though that shit ain't cool, groper!

Here's a surprise: Rick Perry supports Ohio's “Heartbeat Bill.” Here's some stuff about Perry's exaggerated job creation successes and his acceptance of the stimulus money he now hates on.

Here's a particularly revealing stat that the Perry pixies don't want us to see: On his watch as governor, Texas added more minimum wage jobs than all the other 49 states combined. More than half a million Texans now work for $7.25 an hour or less. He can brag that he's brought Texans down into a tie with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers reduced to poverty pay.

Tired of people talking shit about stimulus packages and job losses, President Obama is reportedly preparing a $300 billion plan to strengthen the economy. Really?

Scientists say that daily drinks might benefit women. OK, just one drink per day.

Noam Chomsky details how the U.S. has played into the hands of Osama bin Laden (even though it killed him and all).
Here's a long excerpt from the really long article:

A number of analysts have observed that although bin Laden was finally killed, he won some major successes in his war against the U.S. "He repeatedly asserted that the only way to drive the U.S. from the Muslim world and defeat its satraps was by drawing Americans into a series of small but expensive wars that would ultimately bankrupt them," Eric Margolis writes. "'Bleeding the U.S.,' in his words." The United States, first under George W. Bush and then Barack Obama, rushed right into bin Laden’s trap... Grotesquely overblown military outlays and debt addiction... may be the most pernicious legacy of the man who thought he could defeat the United States” — particularly when the debt is being cynically exploited by the far right, with the collusion of the Democrat establishment, to undermine what remains of social programs, public education, unions, and, in general, remaining barriers to corporate tyranny.

Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake was one out away from a complete game shutout when some mope hit a two-run home run off him in the bottom of the ninth to send the game to extras. :( The Reds won in the 13th on a Votto RBI double. :)

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